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  • Pretty easy box. When i was waiting for user, i eventually got root lol. User (or initial shell): do you see something new in your scan? A pretty nice time to google about it, isn't it? Hint: as mentioned above, don't change the dir Root: simpler …
  • Finally rooted through the pain of learning and ctfing. User was too strange because of non-idempotent queries' results, got it almost accidentally. Root was pretty nice: enumerating, learning new cool instruments and feeling euphoria from the sud…
    in Haystack Comment by p1azm0id July 2019
  • B A N N E D really, wtf, two hours elapsed, and i'm still banned
    in Jarvis Comment by p1azm0id June 2019
  • Love it love it love it! Got tons of new knowledges about linux perms. Thank you @jkr! User: u really don't need dirb, all useful info you could find directly on the page. Root: sit calm and enum yourself as user, what are you and what can you do i…
    in Writeup Comment by p1azm0id June 2019
  • Finally rooted (the hardest thing was only 503's) User: 3h, the CMS is big, there are may be several interesting places with login forms Root: 2 mins, siiimplest enumeration, u don't even need LinEnum
    in Swagshop Comment by p1azm0id May 2019
  • Type your comment> @PavelKCZ said: (Quote) wrong exploit, contains path that doesn't exist
    in Swagshop Comment by p1azm0id May 2019

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