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  • great challenge!
    in [WEB] ezpz Comment by p January 20
  • great challenge! thanks!!
    in Matrioshka Comment by p January 14
  • amazing challenge, thanks 0xdf!
    in oBfsC4t10n Comment by p January 13
  • Type your comment> @limbernie said: (Quote) that's the point of this challenge imho: setting up the proper environment and track the input, avoiding esoteric assembly :)
    in pseudo Comment by p January 9
  • had fun on the first part, less on the second, I'm curious to read the > @Xentropy said: (Quote) I agree with you, first part is cool, the second one is a bit "messy". I'm very curious to see a writeup for the intended way (if there's …
  • based on questions I've received, the generic hint I can give is to track down the input first (both user and password), watch what's happening with it and then move on the logic of the program: ask yourself "do I really need to reverse this bu…
    in pseudo Comment by p July 2019
  • btw few people wrote me for hints on PM, and I'm glad to help out, but I honestly expected a "respect" at least. I'm not being salty for a game but it's just I'm a bit disappointed since it's not that fair to ask for an hint and do not giv…
    in pseudo Comment by p February 2019
  • done, nevermind.
    in pseudo Comment by p December 2017

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