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  • You can gather all the pieces to the puzzle if you carefully read all you're given. Nothing is hidden from you in this machine so it is up to you to spot the weaknesses. user: really examine what the script is doing maybe you can hijack the functio…
  • From talking to people it seems there are a couple ways to pop a shell on this box? I got root and now I wanna learn how everyone else got their shells. PM me to share the knowledge
    in Swagshop Comment by nspagnola27 May 2019
  • Can anyone help me with user? I can't download the vhd files, whenever I try the connection just drops
    in Bastion Comment by nspagnola27 May 2019
  • Hey all, I am curious to know how to solve this box while avoiding https. I have an idea just want some clarification to learn I rooted already btw
  • Can somebody PM me with a hint for user, I enumerated everything I could and found all subdomains and directories on them. Please help
  • Not very familiar with dns enumeration and whatever I try does yields no resutlts, can someone help me out with the dns enumeration. I tried nmap scripts, nslookup, dig, and dnsrecon and like I said I got nothing out of it. Help appreciated.
  • got root without the creds on the 3000 port, can someone explain where they were? I tried looking for them but no dice, looking to know in case I run into a situation like that in the future.
  • Big thanks to @ghost0437 for helping me with this box, good learning experience for me
  • Can somebody send me a message with some a hint on how to get a user shell I found login credentials, got the shell via RCE just fine, found the db credentials I also did some enumeration and saw a file that looks like an md5 hash, is that somethi…

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