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  • I am a> @Ja4V8s28Ck said: (Quote) I am also trying to solve this challenge but no luck so far. one of the file can be deflate in chef and zlib file can be extracted. I repeated this process several times but could not find useful information. It…
  • Hi, can anyone help me here? I manage to de-obfuscate the script and know all the outputs but can not find flag. Thanks in advance.
  • I got 655MB test file which doesn't seems to contain any flag. Am I on right track? Can anyone help? thanks
    in Matrioshka Comment by nkhan95 March 10
  • Type your comment> @x41 said: (Quote) Hi x41, I sent you direct message please respond. Thanks
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by nkhan95 March 8
  • Type your comment> @nkhan95 said: (Quote) Finally... :) thanks for the hint Z3nn but I didn't fount way to see the contents of k**x file without extracting it and cracking its pw.
  • Hey guys. I managed to decode the commands but unable to extract k**x file. Can anyone please give me nudge? Thanks in advance
  • rick root syrup was antidote in Stars War. I am stuck here. can not find any clue. can anyone help please?
  • Hi Guys, Can anyone please help me with the tool? Please DM. Much appreciated. Thx
  • Hello guys. I am new to HTB. Done 2 of other challenges but stuck on this one. I found 2 twitter accounts and 1 LinkedIn as well but not getting idea how to move forward. Could anyone give a clue please? Thanks a ton.
  • Type your comment> @nkhan95 said: (Quote) Woooowwwww.... I manage to complete the challenge... I am loving HTB... Long live HTB :)
  • I managed to get the key after unlocking the key.docx. Kind of lost, what to do next? any idea?
  • OMG... I am new to htb. I tried all the passwords, email IDs, firstname, lastname to unlock the key.docs but no luck. Anyone can give a hint please?

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