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  • Finally rooted. Sometimes angry about the trolls but its a good box and I learned a lot. A lot of work from the creator to make the box not so CTF. Thanks to you @3mrgnc3. my hints : ### foothold As usual, enumeration is the key, as I say…
  • Great box ! Learning a lot and discover a very interesting technique. My tips : foothold : enum correctly and when you enumerate, don't miss the halt of the equation. And an advice that I forget too often : if you find something you don't underst…
  • (Quote) If we have the same definition of the word scope for this machine, when you get the good info, you will find the new "scope" with it.
  • For ssh redirections, you can use plink, located in /usr/share/windows-binaries on kali. Firewall can be bypass by installing the SSH server on your machine and make remote redirection.
  • Whaou, not a piece of cake box. Thanks for the "nurse talk", it was an occasion to use a personal tool that I wrote. it's a good opportunity to improve it. Now stuck on the area where the nurse guide me. See the closed door and no clown …
  • Hints user If you are lazy you can use a famous tool to make the work for you. just enumerate and you will find the good point. Note that not all the boxes are sames. root Enumerate all your system, if you are confident with linux, you will find…
    in Irked Comment by neuronaddict March 2019
  • Nice box, I learn some interesting things. Some hints : foothold Zap proxy provide some nice features : log all http traffic (to further analyse), replay some requests, index site (follow all links to search and log all pages), and search for str…
  • Got root, nice machine. Some hints : User if you find a tool/CMS,program,... that is opensource, try to download it to : * search for files that are useful to get version * install on a local area with full log and with your config Now you can …

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