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  • (Quote) Spoiler Removed
    in Sense Comment by netarg December 2017
  • "you have fucked something up" is the server's message for it can't decode your cookie properly - so that won't work. Play more with the "what are you trying to do?" requests. You only need to change two parameters, keep the one …
  • More like took a week to hit the dirbuster wordlist lottery. I get enumeration is supposed to be the name of the game with these boxes, but you don't need to make it obnoxious. Just choose common wordlist entries, the result is the same whether you …
    in Sense Comment by netarg December 2017
  • Look into different Windows debuggers - I used immunity but I'm sure Ollydbg or Windbg would work too.
  • Enumerate the processes on the system.
    in Node Comment by netarg November 2017
  • Is this supposed to crash binja (demo version)?
  • This challenge was pretty dumb imo, look at the big files you'd normally skip over, search for a few common terms, especially related to the slightly weird markup on the page.
  • Look into crypto tools that involve making requests to the server, I don't think you can perform this attack manually very easily.
  • If you have a key that looks legitimate in HTB{} format, check the logic of your parser - you'll need to wrap the input around in certain cases.
  • (Quote) To gain access to the portals, you need to bruteforce. One of the portals has a development error that will leak some info, cutting your bruteforce time down a bit. Once you have authenticated with both, the challenge should present itself. …
    in Nineveh Comment by netarg November 2017
  • (Quote) Those tools didn't help me much either - they just check a set list of things. Try another snmp tool that gives you as much raw output as possible.
    in Sneaky Comment by netarg November 2017
  • (Quote) Enumerate the system more, files and services. (Quote) Look for anything out of the ordinary on the system and dig deep into what it is. edit: also if anyone was stuck on this for ages like me wondering where to find the other portal - try…
    in Nineveh Comment by netarg November 2017
  • Try using a different tool to help you enumerate more information about the system, which will tell you how to find the lock.
    in Sneaky Comment by netarg November 2017
  • No, but doing the challenges manually can help you learn more too.

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