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  • Hi, I am working on OffShore and have gotten into dev.admin.offshore.com and currently stuck on GPLI. I have been able to get Admin access to the application, but struggling with getting the RCE and would appreciate getting a sanity check on how t…
    in Offshore : Comment by n3ph0s February 5
  • Finally got User and Administrator and what a ride. Thanks to @TazWake and @Ox7A59 for the nudges along the way and well done to @cube0x0 for such a challenging machine. If anyone gets stuck and needs a nudge feel free to PM me.
  • Rooted. This was a nice fun machine, but it did highlight a serious problem that is very common. @ippsec, great machine, and looking forward to many more. Anyone needs a nudge, feel free to DM me.
  • Is there anyone that is able to help on the Linux BOF as I have found the offset but am struggling to find the RIP so that I can execute my payload. Happy to explain in detail what I have done as been on this for a few days and tried several differe…
  • This was a great machine and kudos to @cube0x0 for creating an interesting challenge. I have definitely learned a lot by doing this machine and also made a point of doing it 100% from Linux using Powershell, which once I got past a small hurdle was…
  • Rooted. Thanks @cube0x0 for the machine and aside from having to switch halfway to a Windows machine to finish the attack it was a great way to spend a Sunday 😃 If anyone is stuck feel free to DM me and let me know what you have done and where yo…
  • Rooted. This was a fun box and thanks @polarbearer If anyone needs a hint, DM :)
  • Rooted! I can look back now and say nice machine and I learnt a lot about that service. Knowing the path to take and getting a shell was a lot more difficult than it should have been, but a great learningn experience. Thanks to @knuijsting for pu…
  • Finally rooted and what a machine. I learnt an absolute truckload doing this machine and it is the best box that I have done on HTB to date. Great work @egre55 and @MinatoTW
  • Finally rooted and what a ride. This was by far the most challenging box I have encountered to date and I learnt something at every step of the way after hitting numerous roadblocks that continually reinforce the importance of enumeration and READ …
    in Travel Comment by n3ph0s September 2020
  • Nice machine with a few twists just to keep you on your toes. [email protected]:~# hostname && idpassageuid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) Thanks @ChefByzen for the machine 👍 PM for hints and explain steps taken to date.
  • I have rooted the machine but for some reason the root flag isn't being accepted? Anyone else having similar troubles? C:\Users\Administrator\desktop> whoami ; ipconfigblackfield\administratorWindows IP ConfigurationEthernet adapter Ethernet0 2…
  • c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop>hostname && whoami hostname && whoami BUFF buff\administrator Nice to do an easy box after spending time in ProLabs. Thanks @egotisticalSW for a fun machine.
  • Rooted. Thanks for the box @polarbearer and @GibParadox. This was a good reminder to pay close attention to all the information and don't assume anything. Learnt some new stuff along the way and thanks to those that provided me with nudges, res…
    in Admirer Comment by n3ph0s May 2020
  • Rooted, but it was a lot tougher than it should have been due to instability but still learnt from it and there are multiple ways to exploit and shall come back to it later to try other methods. Thanks to @GibParadox and @c0ckr04ch for confirming t…
    in ServMon Comment by n3ph0s April 2020
  • Thank you @MrR3boot for a great box and I finally got root after what seemed like an eternity. There are a few people that helped along the way and I would like to thank all of them and especially @snownoob and @MariaB for their help and patience …
    in Book Comment by n3ph0s March 2020
  • I have cracked the hash for ad**n and able to upload a web shell, but this keeps resetting and unable to get a reverse shell. Appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Edited: NVM, It was right in front of me and I just needed to try harder.
    in Registry Comment by n3ph0s March 2020

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