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  • If you joined, you'd know ;)
  • It's working pretty well for us so far..
  • New invite- jan 8- they expire every 24 hours-
  • Sorry about that @ardevas09 new invite will be posted in less than 5 min!
  • Sure, here's a thread I started- - invite should be good for the rest of today, then i'll update
  • We've got something like this going already on discord, if you want the invite you're welcome to join.
  • @TheRamen if you're 100% you're entering the right PW I'd try a reset. That said, I've helped 2 people who were accidentally pasting the wrong PW in on this box :) Best tip I can give publicly for GTFO is- it's best used in situations when you have…
    in OpenAdmin Comment by mz1911 January 2020
  • New invite link - old one expired:
  • Oh my god. I got user pretty fast on this one, but I banged my head on root for about 3 hours straight with no luck. Went to bed, woke up, and literally in 5 minutes got root. In my case, less is NOT more...I used neither and for root, none of the t…
    in Traverxec Comment by mz1911 January 2020
  • The shadow broker episode was awesome..I just came across this podcast a week or two ago
  • Nice to meet ya! I've got a couple of CCIE's so you're in good company on the Cisco front. HTB is awesome. Just don't give up, RTFM constantly..and you'll be good to go.
  • Agreed. And do challenges if you haven't already. Then pick an easy box, get on discord, and don't be afraid to ask some people. DM me anytime if you get stuck
  • @Feythelus Don't go too far from where you're at..and look deeper. DM me for less cryptic advice
    in OpenAdmin Comment by mz1911 January 2020
  • I just realized I got the root flag pretty early using the unintended method, but only tried to apply it to the user flag, which didn't work. Saved it in my notes and kept working..thinking it was an old artifact. Ended up rooting it the intended wa…
    in OpenAdmin Comment by mz1911 January 2020
  • @TazWake sorry I was cryptic, I have www-data AND another user. But apparently that's not enough. I got SSH access already. Thank you!
    in OpenAdmin Comment by mz1911 January 2020
  • Any tips? I had www-data and one user account within about 30 minutes of this box launching, and been stuck there since..and have yet to see the user flag. Can anyone who's rooted PM me to chat real quick? I can't be far.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by mz1911 January 2020
  • I'll second @0X44696F21 ..All 0's...I searched way too far past what I needed. Nice challenge!
  • Got user and root. First HTB box. Enumerate, be patient, and stick with it.
    in Postman Comment by mz1911 November 2019

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