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  • Really interesting. First time, root.txt was empty. After a reboot, root.txt gave Access Denied. Then, after waiting a few hours and trying again, I can read the flag. Then that flag was rejected. What is going on there ? In the end, I've switched V…
  • Type your comment> @glid3s said: (Quote) pip3 in a python3 venv works good using Kali
  • I would really appreciate a nudge for me*****edand d****g.p*p! Update: found it
    in Travel Comment by myrtle May 17
  • Type your comment> @VbScrub said: (Quote) That won't really help. Tools like pspy64 and enumeration scripts will still find those writable files and running processes. I usually write in/tmp/.myrtle. I guess it is pretty obvious that is not some…
  • Yeah! I Liked this new e********* t*** a lot! It was as cute as it could be! Now I can finally do mental math in Hexadecimal. Thank you @InfoSecJack and @chivato for this amazing learning experience.
    in ForwardSlash Comment by myrtle May 13
  • Type your comment> @grumpychris said: (Quote) Well, Bruteforce works. Most of the time. But I rather try to understand what is happening.
    in PlayerTwo Comment by myrtle May 11
  • Type your comment> @daemonzone said: (Quote) No, It was last night. GMT+1, on EU-VIP 14
    in Cache Comment by myrtle May 11
  • Well. wasted 2 hours because someone decided to disable the p****** p*****. After a reset it magically worked ...... And, as I did not use the forum for nudges, I explored further and downloaded all files to examine ... lol.
    in Cache Comment by myrtle May 11
  • Rooted! I really enjoyed this box. Found a lot of rabbit holes but was reminded by the 'easy' level of this box that I was thinking way to complex with t*****s etc. Thank you @calipendula for helping me with the optional 'flag' I was missing.
    in Admirer Comment by myrtle May 3
  • Type your comment> @ByteM3 said: (Quote) No, I****.***
    in Admirer Comment by myrtle May 2
  • Did anyone notice the syntax error?
    in Admirer Comment by myrtle May 2
  • Rooted. This machine offered me a few good moments to strengthen my python automation skills. Thank you @MrR3boot
    in Quick Comment by myrtle April 29
  • @s1lv3rst4r said: (Quote) EU VIP 14 ? I did question the math as well !
    in Magic Comment by myrtle April 19
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Magic Comment by myrtle April 18
  • Ah, got www-data. Enum enum enum ...
    in Magic Comment by myrtle April 18
  • Type your comment> @AnkitJ said: (Quote) Your flag might be incomplete.
    in Bank Heist Comment by myrtle April 13
  • Got it. Tried a very obvious 'key' for one of the steps.
  • Big thanks to all, who share their knowledge with other people! [email protected]:~#
    in Oouch Comment by myrtle April 5

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