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  • Rooted! This box got me to hacker rank :D While I really spend a loooong time on getting the inital foothold right (and, as I must confess, got annoyed by it more than once :sweat_smile: ), I thoroughly enjoyed the user part! Thanks to the creator …
  • Just finished the box - what a ride! Huge thanks to @VbScrub , this box was awesome! Really looking forward to you next boxes. While I personally found it challenging, I can understand why this box was rated easy - once you chose the appropriate too…
    in Nest Comment by muemmelmoehre April 2
  • Just finished the box, barely before it retires :sweat_smile: Very nice box with a steep learning curve for anyone unfamiliar with AD - showed me my shortcomings quite nicely :wink: Huge thanks to @nicolasmira101, @FiRePl4y and @som1 for helping m…
    in Forest Comment by muemmelmoehre March 21
  • Just finished the box, thanks @jkr for creating it! To me, it felt like a CTF-style box - not a bad thing, but be prepared to play around with the stuff in front of you :) Shoutout to @VirtualSamurai - merci encore :)
  • Fun little box, thanks @TheCyberGeek! This was only my second (active) box and I was somewhat surprised to see that I could immediately reuse some of the things I learnt on OpenAdmin :) Shoutout to @5H3LLKiller and @mohabaks for helping me get over …
  • Finally rooted my first (active) box! It was fun - huge thanks to the creator, @dmw0ng, for making an accessible box even for new players :) Although there's a lot of hints already on this forum, feel free to reach out if you need a nudge.

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