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  • I really liked this challenge. After understanding the "peculiarity" of the challenge I enjoyed studying the difference with how I tipically approach this encryption type. I like when challenges teach you something.
    in RsaCtfTool Comment by mrlb February 24
  • I think that the hardest part is getting the *correct* numbers. That is the worst part because it is slow and prone to errors. After that, the last part of the message already says everything. It is not something you have to "view", y…
    in [MISC] Crime Comment by mrlb January 7
  • Type your comment> @dreamertr said: (Quote) I have the same doubt because I had different fd even just locally, when using kali in a virtual machine and in WSL; in one case I had to use 4 in the other 7.
  • @farbs is right, that's the only hint needed XD Thanks
    in Templed Comment by mrlb December 2019
  • Type your comment> @BusH1d0 said: > font analyzer?? I "think" it is some kind of symbol substitution cipher, I found something *vaguely* similar, but nothing that helped.
    in Templed Comment by mrlb December 2019
  • Type your comment> @BusH1d0 said: > Type your comment> @HKLM said: > > (Quote) > can you help me ?!? It seems to me that you used binwalk on the image, but this is not a stego challenge, I think we should just look at the i…
    in Templed Comment by mrlb December 2019
  • Finally did it, thanks for the help! Eventually using qemu and radare2 + a script in python I wrote :)
    in pseudo Comment by mrlb December 2018
  • Yes radare allows you to connect to a gdb server, but I have never tried it yet. I was using gdb directly, it connects but got some errors (code is running but can't setup breaks). Anyway thank you for your answer!! I will try to look better at t…
    in pseudo Comment by mrlb December 2018
  • I was able to run the code both with an actual device and with qemu, but how can you debug this? gdb doesn't have symbols so I can't setup breakpoints, while radare2 says "Sorry. No debugger backend available." when launching in debug mode…
    in pseudo Comment by mrlb December 2018
  • I'm currently stuck. Got some "funny" pixels, but can't get out anything from those. I'm probably ignoring something (encryption? decoding?). It is my last stego XD and I'm sure I'm overlooking something important. Any push in the correct …
  • I want to share this just in case it may help someone... I got to the last part pretty easily but couldn't solve it and lost hours just because I was using ubuntu for windows! When I tried it in my kali machine everything worked flawlessly!
  • Did it, there was a bug in my script. It took some time anyway, but session was on enough to solve it.
  • The point is to understand the correct "ingredients". Follow what chainxiaolong said, use the full data of those columns remembering that the all of the "ingredients" must be of the required type. :)
  • Hi, I'm on the second part of the challenge. I'm pretty sure about the method, but probably I'm doing something wrong. The method takes "some time"... and the web service gets always closed after a while... It is normal that the attack t…
  • Ok, I finally did it... this morning I suddenly woke up with a possible solution on my mind about why I had some "garbage" characters, took the pc and fixed the decoding XD :)
  • (Quote) Hi, I've got to the exact same point. At this moment I am able to decode all the "strings" found inside the asm, but the one with the name of the creator has garbage chars as stated before. I tried to find other meanings to those…

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