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  • @d1am0ndz said: I've noticed a lot of windows boxes being released recently, is there a push to increase or maintain a certain proportion of windows boxes? We try to keep a balance between the OS released, however sometimes it can happen …
  • @0xdf said: Would it be possible to get rough guidelines as to what is "too big"? Also, any recommendations as to where I can find an iso for Server 2019 (or Server 2016) to install without desktop? The only kind I was able to find for free was t…
  • Type your comment> @H4d3s said: Type your comment> @Derezzed said: If someone wants to create a Windows based CTF how does the licensing work? In my opinion , You send them the unactivated copy of windows and th…
  • Dear @opt1kz, If you read my comment one more time you'll see that I'm talking about being sensible, not about being quiet. Everyone's opinion is subjective, so we can't really take down a machine only because people disliked it. It is still an …
  • Hello everyone. First of all, thank you for opening this thread. Here in HackTheBox we appreciate people's comments and feedback, and we hear everyone. As I'm the Moderator who is responsible for making sure a machine is released every week, I …

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