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  • (Quote) They said it's because so many people are using the default credentials, which leaves them open to easy access.
  • (Quote) I don't know to be honest... I just saw the announcement on Discord, but have to assume so. :disappointed:
  • (Quote) FYI if anyone is stuck on this. Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change "Port" to anything you want. SSH is only blocked on the standard port. I still wouldn't recommend leaving it enabled though, just start it when you need and stop …
  • Finally rooted. This one requires you to take care with your enumeration. I needed two nudges for user that I wouldn't have if I had been more thorough and thoughtful. My only other piece of advice is to practice your file searching tools (grep, fi…
  • @TazWake said: (Quote) We got ourselves a comedian, ladies and gentlemen. :lol:
  • Good fun once there aren't a lot of people on the box. Thanks @ekenas
  • @tobor said: (Quote) Just wanna say props to you for that script man. I love how it reconnects after the session borks.
  • (Quote) Fully agree! That was a puzzle and a half. What an amazing box @sokafr. Thanks :blush:
  • If someone is available to check my syntax for the last part of privesc, I would greatly appreciate a PM. Thanks.
  • (Quote) Seems like that service you mentioned is reset every so often. Sometimes it doesn't respond, sometimes it times out, etc. Keep trying and you'll get there. :smile:
  • (Quote) It gets reset every so often.
  • (Quote) You don't need to crack it. Look into other attacks against cryptographic hashes.
  • If anyone is free to help with the syntax for the initial bit, I would greatly appreciate a PM. Thanks :smiley:
  • (Quote) I got that many times, wasn't sure if it's intended or not though. Tried all of the related enum around there that I could find with no luck. Looking manually in the share instead.
  • Rooted. Foothold was a pain but really, as people say: "don't overthink it". You found a file, think about the instructions and take them literally. There are many clues that hint to the next step at each point, read the files and think ab…
    in Admirer Comment by metuldann May 2020
  • Oh, and the wonderful @TazWake for the nudge again. Always dropping those useful hints!
    in Quick Comment by metuldann May 2020
  • Rooted! Props to @MrR3boot
    in Quick Comment by metuldann May 2020
  • Rooted. Wouldn't have happened without the legend that is @TazWake
    in Book Comment by metuldann April 2020
  • Bypassing the guard on this one has got me stumped. I've tried URL, Unicode, octal, hex, string concat, mixed-case, inline comments. Can any nudge me towards the right one please? Ignore this, it's all unnecessary -_-
    in Book Comment by metuldann April 2020
  • curl -o c:\users\daniel\nc.exe is outputting the result of the cURL command: -o, --output <file> Write to file instead of stdout
  • Rooted. Combination of GUI fun and CLI fun. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Eventually it works.
    in ServMon Comment by metuldann April 2020
  • Rooted. Was fun! Wasted so much time on the foothold by querying a higher port because a lower port initially timed out. The information you need is not present in that higher one. Don't make my mistake. Secondly, a certain cook gave me a meal tha…
    in Cascade Comment by metuldann April 2020
  • Type your comment> @MariaB said: (Quote) Could I request this reading material please? :)
  • Is anyone else having issues getting the U****c to open a connection back while running the abusive command? It says it has completed but I am not getting a root shell.
    in Remote Comment by metuldann March 2020
  • Type your comment> @mostwanted002 said: (Quote) That almost got me too :lol:
    in Control Comment by metuldann March 2020
  • If someone can PM me a hint for initial foothold, I would be eternally grateful :) I have reached the admin panel and got files onto the server, but none that I have tried will connect back to me to provide a shell. EDIT: Nevermind, got in :)
    in Control Comment by metuldann March 2020
  • Rooted. Wow that took a long time but was wonderfully educational. Thanks @MinatoTW & @felamos! Hints: Foothold: Look around for something vulnerable to injection. Research how that works. Don't use the tool in the packet, set it up yourself u…
    in Sniper Comment by metuldann March 2020
  • (Quote) Thank you so much @cyberafro! That's all I needed to get user flag. On to root..
    in Sniper Comment by metuldann March 2020
  • Can anyone throw a nudge my way please? I have managed to get an Indian webshell using R**, but it is restricted and rather slow, so I am trying to get a more interactive one. However, I am unable to upload any files to the server as there are no w…
    in Sniper Comment by metuldann March 2020
  • Finally! What a challenge that was :smile: Huge shout out to @VbScrub for the fun box! Props to @n00py whose hint got me over the last hurdle. Thanks to both! :wink: Completed start to finish on Kali alone. There are ways.
    in Nest Comment by metuldann March 2020

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