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  • US VIP 18 port 80 closed even after resets... great job at testing prior to deploying HTB..
  • Someone help with PHP Warning: gzuncompress(): data error when trying to decode with the script...
  • Can someone throw a bone my way? I've opened it with chef and with a hex editor but not sure what byte is missing...
  • This box is so buggy. i've been uploading the file and running responder for 40 mins now. In wireshark I can see the handshake start and then the box sends a RST packet. Do these boxes get tested
    in Sizzle Comment by meni0n January 2019
  • Maybe add a category column in the box listing and assign CTF or Real-World value to boxes that come out. Try to release a box of each category weekly? I too don't enjoy the CTF boxes much. I did 30 days of Offshore and let me tell you, I learned a …
  • Can someone help with encrypting the payload please
  • Getting user was harder than root... i didn't know that it was possible to do what it was doing.. learn something new everyday I guess...
    in Teacher Comment by meni0n December 2018
  • (Quote) No it's not
    in Frolic Comment by meni0n October 2018
  • > @tigr8787 said: > @meni0n Try using a different method to generate the payload. Hmm I can't really find any other tools to generate a .r** I tried two different msf modules and a script off github but no shell 😞
    in Reel Comment by meni0n August 2018
  • No idea why I can't get a reverse shell on this. I am using the service to send a specific file format that I generated with a msf module but I can never get a reverse shell....
    in Reel Comment by meni0n August 2018
  • I'm doing this now. Would love a hint... does this need a BO....
  • Keeps crashing on smb on VIP
    in SecNotes Comment by meni0n August 2018
  • What command can you use when using the s****t ?
    in Dab Comment by meni0n August 2018
  • i think I know what service to exploit but I can't get to the service... can't someone help out?
    in Reel Comment by meni0n August 2018
  • (Quote) Thanks... I rooted the box. The issue was with Kali linux.. for some reason the s**client from 2017.2 wouldn't work with this box.. I had to use a 2018 version
  • (Quote) You write it from scratch as they show you in the training material...
  • Been reading the php files trying to find a way to exploit them but not really seeing a way.. can someone help out?
  • I don't understand why my enum is not working. I talked to another person and their s**client was working fine but I keep getting connection reset all the time...
  • I'v enumerated with gobuster and dirb using dirbuster list but not finding anything after getting into the first login.... can anyone send a hint?
    in Mischeif Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • Finally got root flag, man what a painful box....
  • (Quote) Not very useful since it's not in english....
    in Blackhole Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • Even just trying a very simple wshell way is not going anywhere...
    in Bounty Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • Can someone help me out on how to pass that password to the service? It keeps giving me event not found error when I try to use it with the RCE. I tried all kinds of different quotes variations but still get the same error...
    in Stratosphere Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • Can someone please let me know what kind of payload to use. I know what file I need to upload but I keep getting 500 error whenever I try to access it after doing the upload
    in Bounty Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • I tried that password like 20 times... now it works... this machine sucks...
    in Jerry Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • I tried all the default credentials but still can't get it... what am i missing here...
    in Jerry Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • I hate these machines with just jerrys friend and no way to string together some exploits to get the login information. Throw me an lfi somewhere at least
    in Jerry Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • Is there only one service in this?? I'm having a hard time finding something to exploit....
    in Jerry Comment by meni0n July 2018
  • Thanks, tried installing docker in Kali but no success. Have to troubleshoot that now...

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