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  • Rooted! Nice box learned a lot. Thanks to @v0yager :) Feel free if somebody needs help.
    in Jarvis Comment by mava July 10
  • Can someone help me a bit? I got the shell as p*****r via s*****r but no wan't echo any output. If i type ls, it just shows ls but not the folders. But I still can use cd, i just have no output for the commands. Maybe I did something wrong with the…
    in Jarvis Comment by mava July 10
  • Rooted, thanks to @hacksack07 for the help with the t****. Fun box. Feel free to PM me if you need some hints.
    in Luke Comment by mava June 13
  • I enumerated all ports, found 2 creds and some login pages. Trying to get the A*** T**** via C***, im just getting "parse error: Invalid numeric literal at EOF at line 1, column 9"...Can I PM someone for a little hint?
    in Luke Comment by mava June 11
  • Can someone PM me a hint for the initial creds? I cant find them after multiple enumeration. Found multiple locations to log into, but no creds. Also found that w*******s.
    in Chaos Comment by mava May 20
  • Rooted! Nice box, but very unstabel even on VIP. Thanks to @rub1ks for some hints. Feel free to DM for hints.
    in Swagshop Comment by mava May 17
  • I'm always getting: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group' Anybody getting the same error for 3**1.y I set the necessary settings in the exploit.
    in Swagshop Comment by mava May 16
  • Any hint what to do after login into m*****o as admin?
    in Swagshop Comment by mava May 12
  • Can I PM someone the B****4 encoded *W of the Admin account from m*******g? I think i'm on the right track but i don't no if some encoding is screwing me. EDIT: Nevermind, Rooted! Nice box, thanks to @L4mpje My hint for Root: To think to complica…
    in Bastion Comment by mava May 7
  • Got root shell! Awesome box, learned a lot about Windows enumeration & priv esc. Also learned new tricks with I******t and M*-**L. Thanks to @DarkNight2019 for some hints with initial shell. Feel to PM me if you need help with the box.
    in Querier Comment by mava May 1
  • Can someone give a a hint for privEsc? tried d****C** but didn't worked. EDIT: Rooted, didnt noticed i rooted because got NO prompt that the exploit was finished.
    in Hint for HELP Comment by mava April 14
  • Got it fix today, finally. Try changing your ovpn connection from udp to tcp. Instructions are on your access page under "Alternate TCP Connection". Hope it fixes your problem.
  • @skyghost666 nmap shows there is a a****e T*** W***s page, but I cant reach it with my browser or curl, it just keeps connecting and then timeout...But I can reach the page at port *000, seems strange to me. I am on VIP btw. Somebody else got this …
    in Hint for HELP Comment by mava April 7
  • Found the REST alternativ and got some creds. But can't load page on port *0 also gobuster doesn't execute on port *0. What do I have to do? Can some give me a hint?
    in Hint for HELP Comment by mava April 7
  • Fun machine, my first root. Thanks to @D8ll0 for the hint. F** is not the service you are looking for once you executed the R*E. PM me if you need help.
    in Netmon Comment by mava April 5
  • I got the R*E executing at P***G, but I somehow can't get a R*****E S***L to work via P*******L ...can someone PM me what to do or give me a hint? Thanks in advance
    in Netmon Comment by mava April 4
  • It's my first box which I try. Found f** got m** and A*****.z** via b***** mode, so they dont get corrupted. Found some credentials inside m**, but they don't seem to work. Can I DM someone to get a little hint and see if the credentials are the cor…
    in Access Comment by mava February 15
  • Having the same experience, I also run Kali Linux Vbox 64 Bit Ova from offsec on a 2018 Macbook Pro. I can't even log into HTB, Firefox and Chromium freeze at the login and then VirtualBox crashes.

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