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  • I got the shell but of webuser. weird backup i cant make it readable! and looks like that's the way forward.
    in Curling Comment by masuse March 2019
  • Type your comment> @mendedsiren63 said: (Quote) ya left my d**b output and saw tons of directories and files. looks like a pain to go through !
    in Teacher Comment by masuse February 2019
  • hi guys - do i need to find some sort of default creds for starting evil stuff? anyone here to give hint on it?
    in Teacher Comment by masuse February 2019
  • anyone here to recommend on what to study to actually crack the secret key? i tried it with obvious methods but failed. What i have to know to crack?
  • those struggling with 2nd login. They must have not enumerated on a well known service or they didn't bothered to read every single line on that service
    in Mischeif Comment by masuse August 2018
  • (Quote) talk to me on MM. I am with same nick. Can help on this without spoiling fun
    in Mischeif Comment by masuse August 2018
  • blood was claimed on this in an hour perhaps and i was just struggling to let my vpn work for me lol! havent tried after that....
    in SecNotes Comment by masuse August 2018
  • (Quote) step down to stage 1 is the answer! :)
  • proychain perhaps
    in NMAP Comment by masuse August 2018
  • stuck on "Invalid File Type" since couple of days :) Uploaded: Can't find where it has gone! Any hint to find it? Anyone
    in Bounty Comment by masuse August 2018
  • hi guys - i want to start solving these challenges, can you guys point me to an easy starter and what exactly they are sort of? haven't tried any of these challenges, I have been two months in active machines... so far
  • hey ! happy learning...
  • nvm.. got the flag what a painful ride
  • hi guys - i am loggedi in as root but can see the root flag hint pls
  • hi guys - anyone wants to team up for OSCP? mine is next month, i am bit halfway way feel like not read :)
  • (Quote) you can. try again
    in Jerry Comment by masuse August 2018
  • (Quote) @BS27 you are on track dude, just google on this
    in Jerry hint Comment by masuse August 2018
  • (Quote) not sure if any get the shell like this, enumerate more to find the way to grab something which can give you bunch of something
  • tried many extensions, almost every language i can think of! this is nasty !
    in Bounty Comment by masuse August 2018
  • (Quote) @AgentTiro I am not good in selecting books to read, the book i selected to read is hidden and some one has written a secret to it but I being a school student can not identify what is the secret used for and where it has the door!
  • This is the box which really taught me lessons! was a very nice experience.
  • struggling to fight with time on escalation to root. anyone here to nudge?
  • its there with a different name dude.
    in Jerry Comment by masuse August 2018
  • i found a repository! is it where the game starts?
    in Olympus Comment by masuse August 2018
  • weird things my nikto scan showing up! every link shows encrypted output which i try other then the weblinks. Lost now, hints pls
    in Olympus Comment by masuse August 2018
  • i dont have burp professional, is zap has same features ? i haven't used zap much. and my burp pro license expired.
  • (Quote) thanks. rooted yesterday itself. nice experience.
  • started to work on this machine yesterday, took half an hour to own user but a bit of google on root path, nice learning experience and this machine takes me to the next level in the ranking. Little problem i faced which might get solved by resetti…
  • hi richeze - i hardly get any success with the big4 in the oscp lab, so far i rooted 30 machines in the lab, some people say oscp exam is not much harder but "try harder mantra" is something which keeps bugging me, i am not from the field …
  • its an ever easiest machine guys... just google on the service
    in Jerry Comment by masuse August 2018

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