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  • Rooted !!! Thanks for the nice not so difficult yet challenging box @VbScrub Hints in the forum are more than enough to get you going, so won't bother giving mine here. Just remember to be thorough with your enumeration and recheck if you think you…
    in Cascade Comment by masquerad3r April 3
  • And rooted !!! Fun little box, really enjoyed this easy but interesting ride :) My hints: FOOTHOLD: OSINT, look about the author's goto choice in backdoor USER: The thing lies right in front, just learn the basics and exploit ROOT: Look at the pro…
  • Rooted the book and learnt a bunch of things from it. Thank you @MrR3boot for such a cool box !!! There are sufficient hints already in the forum, so won't repeat them, but if anyone is stuck with any payload or step, feel free to DM. Happy to hel…
    in Book Comment by masquerad3r March 5
  • Rooted !!! Enjoyed refreshing the techniques and concepts. Hints: User: Think about the general naming conventions of the user accounts by the admins root: Basic windows privesc methodology would be enough :) Still facing difficulties??? PM for nu…
    in Sauna Comment by masquerad3r February 16
  • Rooted it !!! Pretty interesting and fun challenge, refreshed some older concepts and worked with some technologies I never thought I would require !!! Those in need can ping me up, would be happy to help :)
    in Nest Comment by masquerad3r February 9
  • After such frustratingly long failed attempts, finally owned the sniper machine :smiley: Really enjoyed doing this one, definitely got more comfortable with windows environment now !!! My two cents: A lot of failed attempts were just because of my…
    in Sniper Comment by masquerad3r February 8
  • Rooted !!! Interesting box, not very easy and not very difficult (given you have previous experience with windows boxes) Hints: User: lazy users and lazy admins, most basic password of a user thinks. Try and get your SHARE using the lazy user. Ro…
  • I must admit, really hard but interesting machine for me, learnt numerous things with this one. SO REALISTIC !!! Initial Foothold: Dont get fooled by the forbidden gates, take out directories, try getting all the subdomains, etc. Then go ahead and …
    in Player Comment by masquerad3r January 14
  • Rooted !!! Nothing new here, just a keen eye is needed after all. Extensive enumeration should be the focus for getting the user and what can I say about root, well it was just the most standard priv esc technique for linux. (Done it within second…
  • After days of reading and learning about concepts and tools, finally rooted !!! Great box, great learning curve, although I do feel that the points on this are not justified. The hints on the forum are enough to make you aware of the tools and conc…
    in Forest Comment by masquerad3r January 3
  • Rooted !!! Really really fun box, it required some understanding of python, which is simply :heart: This box takes you away from usual approaches to owning which I really liked. Some HINTS: Foothold: The page says it all, you have got the file to …
  • Type your comment> @FoX01 said: (Quote) Glad I could help :)
  • Rooted !!! Really a fun box, with fine tricks. Really a learning house for beginners. The hints provided in the forum are enough to get yourself root. But if you still need any help or want to understand why a particular thing worked, don't refrain…
  • Rooted !! Hints in the forum are more than enough to get yourself going. If any problem don't stop yourself from DM :)
  • (Quote) You have to find a way to become w**-d**** and get your way with r****c to BACKUP all the essential files
  • ROOTED !!! Great box, learnt a lot ! Everyone writing enumeration is the key is absolutely right, after fetching d****r files, getting the user is all about your enumeration skills. PM me for any help

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