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  • @n4sa @v0yager Which article was that?
  • You do not need the downloader page to accomplish the machine. @kalq @p5yph3r Look for another documented method of getting a shell.
  • Type your comment> @Netadmin said: (Quote) Do you have all the right flags set for your dumping program?
  • There's a couple of great write-ups here in the forums:…
  • Type your comment> @ShingoTamai said: (Quote) I did the same thing...USE LINUX TO DO THIS CHALLENGE! Super easy if you do.
  • (Quote) And all 1s. The concept of this challenge is very cool and unique. Wasn't a fan of time-consuming rabbit holes and a very unclear flag.
  • @achkhan @Expanding @MacCauley There is at least one documented attack against the website's technology to get you a webshell, from which you can move on to a better shell later.
  • Rooted with the help of @hackbot1x! Feel free to PM if you're stuck.
  • Working on root now, but I think everyone should know that the comments "recommending" getting a better shell is actually more of a requirement, at least as I was trying to progress. I had unknowingly figured out how to get user a long ti…
  • I'm K***** now and need help with the next step. I see the 3 files, and I think I know what to do but L******* keeps giving me errors. Can someone DM me and give me a nudge? EDIT: Got root. Thanks to @wail99 for helping me out! Happy to help a…
  • Rooted! Thanks to @zalpha and @Deguy for the nudges. Happy to help anyone who's stuck out!
  • Type your comment> @SaMuTa said: (Quote) Maybe you're using the wrong wordlist. The one I used rocks pretty hard and cracked it immediately.
    in Heist Comment by marlasthemage August 31

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