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    in Book Comment by marchitect March 13
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) ok, I'll go back to basics. thanks for the advice. I did manage to find a key that works for the root.key as www-data so that's something :)
  • Type your comment> @gu4r15m0 said: (Quote) thanks. i have been enumerating. if my basic linux is right, 160 files with the word pass. $ grep -iRl pass ./ | sort -u | wc -l 160 its a bit better now i have a reverse shell but its not a great on.…
  • hey hackers. anyone around to give me nudge on openadmin? I have a webshell as www-data, but can't find the next step.
  • Type your comment> @marchitect said: (Quote) meh - ingore - i was being super noob and forgot to add a required directory to the path where you'd find an authorized_keys file lololol
    in Postman Comment by marchitect February 1
  • Hey Hackers. I need a nudge please. I've enumerated and found two ports that look more interesting than the others one runs a service starting with r the other starts with w. I've found a few articles on r that point to creating an authorized_keys …
    in Postman Comment by marchitect February 1
  • Type your comment> @TestUserx said: (Quote) Use hosts file :)
    in Forest Comment by marchitect January 25
  • Initial enumeration got me a list of the domain and one user stood out as it's something that i've seen in the real world and the user had some interesting groups. i bruteforced the password last night, but now that username\password don't work. WTF…
    in Forest Comment by marchitect January 24
  • I haven't got root yet, but I'm close. I tried running my msvenom dll as the user and i an see why it's I created simple dll and managed to get it to ping me...yay, but then my reverse shell code gets stopped for the same reason as the …
  • Hey - I'm still nooby in some (many) areas. For this box, I'm pretty sure i know the vuln, and what needs to be done to privesc, which is to create a type of windows library file (trying to be vague here), but I don't have the knowledge to do this.…
  • Nevermind I was being a dork. owned it :)

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