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  • Okay, I give up. I've dirb'ed the shit out of this thing... I think. I've found usernames and passwords, none of which work on the middle port. Some people say there's a login page but I haven't yet found that. I've looked for all .php files in the …
    in Admirer Comment by mapperist May 2020
  • I found w**.ini but I'm not entirely sure how to use that information or where to go from here. Drawing a blank...
    in ServMon Comment by mapperist April 2020
  • Does anyone know if it's possible to get CEU credit for boxes/challenges that I owned prior to the ISC2 CEU feature being added? I still have 2 years to get 108 CEUs for my CISSP - but it would be pretty darn nice if I could get credit for everythin…
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  • Alright - I've tried and tried with the tool and found that the current user has the file priv. However, I can't seem to read or write anything in the /admin....../ dir. How far off am I?
  • Where is everyone finding these certs? dirb with directory-list-2.3-small isn't finding anything.
    in Fortune Comment by mapperist March 2019
  • hahahahahahahahaha ..../?admin redirects to ..../?u_wish
  • Nice! This makes me want to get VIP now. I've been thinking about it but I really like the ability to work on any machine at any point. Especially when going through writeups.
  • Yeah, I got user without an issue. I've been playing around with the router service, changed the conf, and can telnet to the device but not sure where to go from here. I'm familiar with the routing protocols in use (at a Network+ level) but I'm pr…
  • Alright, I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what. I have my reverse shell as zab*** but I see nothing in the /home. At one point I did and I could actually see user.txt but I couldn't cat it. Any hints would be welcomed! Thanks! Edi…
    in Zipper Comment by mapperist October 2018
  • Hit me up if anyone needs a hint. :)
  • I know what I need to do in order to get root. Well, at least, I think I do. The problem is that the .exe I needed used to be there. But now it's not. I've used this .exe earlier on but I can't seem to find it anywhere now. There's a shortcut for it…
  • This was a fun box, for sure! Especially since I have been studying this authentication service on my way towards my CISSP certification - I really like it when boxes have real-world implications. A few notes: 1. User was pretty easy after some bas…
  • I got the user but stuck on root. Help?!?
  • Okay, I really wish I had taken better notes on previous machines. If someone could throw a hint my way, I'd appreciate it. I can tell you via PM what I have done so far.
  • Well, hell. I guess this box as taught me something even before I got user: take better notes. >.<
  • Ha, I made that one a lot harder than I should have. Good challenge!
  • This challenge is still my favorite ever! SPOILER
  • okay, I think I know what I need to do but I don't know how to do it. :-/
  • Oh....... wait a second....
  • I'm a **** **** fan and I get pretty much everything that I'm supposed to be looking for but I'll be damned if I still can't figure this out. Sometimes I find the word A******* and sometimes I see the word F***. Sometimes I see what appears to be t…
  • Five Finger Death Punch, Amon Amarth, 3 inches of blood, lamb of god.
  • This was a pretty cool challenge, tbh. I could 'see' something but it took me a long time to actually get everything position correctly to make sense of it. The one hint that someone offered me that I think will help a lot is: sublime. Or, in my ca…
  • I also need assistance with this one. I prefer the study material, not a hint.
  • (Quote) Way to go!
    in Grammar Comment by mapperist March 2018
  • @d3c3pt10n - what have you tried so far? I'm willing to bet you have done the right thing with the right tool but not the right password...
    in Beatles Comment by mapperist March 2018
  • Not entirely sure what was going on yesterday, however, I ran the tool this morning and it ran fine. Encoded what I needed to encode and got me to the flag.
  • Inferno refers to Dante's Inferno. Lookup the levels of hell and see if you can find any programming language that matches the name of any of these levels.
  • I know what vulnerability to exploit for iknowmag1k, I know what tool to use, and, in fact, I even got some of the information I need. However, the tool I am using keeps timing out. Sometimes it times out right at the beginning and sometimes it gets…
  • @thechib12 - what's the most basic way to bypass the login form? Do this first. And then go to work fuzzing.

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