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  • I've been experiencing severs connection problems (I cannot reach the p***** or any other site on port 80) every 2 minutes on vip with that box, does anyone else have a similar problem?
    in Cache Comment by mA1nfrAm3r May 2020
  • Finally rooted, thanks to a little help from @sh0wa. foothold: Its one of the first things that you normally test when you get it (I had to do it manually as the tools I used didn't see it, no brute force is needed) user: enum, enum, enum root: F…
    in Magic Comment by mA1nfrAm3r April 2020
  • @snownoob Okay, so the webpage for the a****-user looks the same as a normal user, only the functionality is different? Was just confused by the role when I view the profile... Thx! Edit: Got it, wow, now I get why people said that is was unstable…
    in Book Comment by mA1nfrAm3r March 2020
  • Hi, I need a hint for user. I've managed to login with name 'a****' and mail 'a****@****.'' at the page at port 8* by following the things in the forum (TR***-Function), but when I view my profile on the page, it still says that my role is user. Di…
    in Book Comment by mA1nfrAm3r March 2020
  • Type your comment> @ZeWanderer said: (Quote) Try adding a / after the URI part (/something/)
  • Is the co****-p******.p** the way to get the initial foothold? Edit: What the he** is that for a request that calls co*****-p*****.p**??!! ;-)
  • I am getting an empty response (no errors, just empty...) from the server when sending the payload to get a shell. Does anyone have a similar problem?
  • Hey, I get the error KDC_ERR_WRONG_REALM when trying the script "Ge********s.p" (has been mentioned previously in the thread), but I don't know how to resolve the error. Basically, it cannot find the KD (entity) for K*****s, but I don't kn…
  • Got user! Tipps: If something isn't recognized the way you want it to be, try combining payloads from different sources to get what you want! Thanks to @MrR3boot for the awesome box (although I haven't finished yet)! Pm for help
    in AI Comment by mA1nfrAm3r November 2019
  • Spoiler Removed
    in AI Comment by mA1nfrAm3r November 2019
  • Spoiler Removed
    in AI Comment by mA1nfrAm3r November 2019
  • Type your comment> @halisha said: (Quote) Thanks ;-)
  • Does the exploit have something to do with s**?
  • Hi, i need some help getting user.txt and a shell. I've got everything up to the L** on Port 4**, can read the directories of all the major characters. But in the directory of b***** (german city), i get id_*** and id_., but it always says "Pe…
  • Managed to get salt and hashed password for the user, getting user j** and pw k******a**e, but not able to login in ssh or /wr*********/a****. Ist the pw correct? (PM would be very helpful) Thx edit: working
    in Writeup Comment by mA1nfrAm3r June 2019

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