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  • Anyone able to provide a nudge on this one, I've gotten what I think i need out of the image but lacking the knowledge on how to process it.
  • Awesome box. Really enjoyed it, need to remember to look at the output of commands and not rush. Did that trying to get the initial foothold and missed getting what I wanted, and did it when I was trying to finish off root lol. meterpreter > g…
    in Sauna Comment by m4ng0n3l February 2020
  • @artikrh Great challenge that one was fun =).
  • Heh this one was actually fun. 4 lines of javascript got me what I needed from twitter.
  • Wow great box, bashing my head in all the way. Very cool exploits all the way around.
    in Zetta Comment by m4ng0n3l February 2020
  • Wow very interesting machine. Really want to learn why the whole foothold works, I understand it vaguely but really don't get why it works. Great system to practice for my AWAE test coming up! Privesc was great too! meterpreter > getuidServer…
    in Json Comment by m4ng0n3l February 2020
  • Great box! Went the extra step and got full reverse shell as root. really enjoyed it!
  • Awesome box. Great privesc!
  • Wow silly mistake made the privesc much more frustrating than it needed to be! thanks @Kucharskov for the nudge that got me back on. Pretty simple after I fixed my code lol. meterpreter > getuidServer username: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEMmeterpreter …
  • having issues with root on this one. Pretty sure I've found the right path but I think I tried all the possibilities and nothing =/ guess its #tryharder
  • Great box! Really learned a lot on this one for the actual execution of the different steps.
    in Sniper Comment by m4ng0n3l January 2020
  • Congrats! I'm going to be taking this one in a couple of weeks.
  • Excellent box thanks @VbScrub. I'm curious for those who remained in linux only what tools you used to perform both the tasks for user and root access.
    in Nest Comment by m4ng0n3l January 2020
  • Root payload was being a pain but finally got the right one #triedharder!
  • Rooted, though I'm pretty sure I completed it in the "wrong way". Loved the path to user!

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