Finished up Crimestoppers, Falafel and fs0ciety misc challenge over the weekend.


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  • The BOF box should be the least of your worries. Make sure you understand them, you dont need to be able to do a BOF blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back. Just take good notes on the course exercise and you will be fine, the BOF is the …
  • This box was saucey! Root was the hardest flag in the labs yet for me, good job creators!
  • Well when you pass the exam you get access to the certified members forum and people used to discuss some of the boxes from the exam there. Its been awhile since I have been on there so I'm not sure if they still do.
    in OSCP exam Comment by lowpriv May 2018
  • @3mrgnc3 said: The boxes change on OSCP exam each time. the next exam you take will have different boxes buddy Not true, I know people who got the exact same set of boxes on their second exam attempt. My guess is they are chosen at ran…
    in OSCP exam Comment by lowpriv May 2018
  • Lol its not my avatar, its that I listed some of my certs earlier on in this post and some apparently saw it as an opportunity to glean info from me.
  • Well the benefit for some is to have a couple of people to work with or bounce ideas off of. But for others on here, its apparently to ask me for assitance with passing the OSCP....
  • Sorry guys, the team is now closed. Also, please do not message me about help with the OSCP. I will not respond to any messages asking for help with it.
  • I finished this box last night and it was FUN. The point of entry and the final priv esc were both new to me and I enjoyed it. +1 to the creator, keep em comin!
    in Olympus Comment by lowpriv May 2018
  • @quadzer0 said: @lowpriv said: @quadzer0 said: ornata chroma because it's super clicky, and I like the wristpad it came with. Overall a good buy, the size took a bit getting used to coming from a l…
  • @quadzer0 said: ornata chroma because it's super clicky, and I like the wristpad it came with. Overall a good buy, the size took a bit getting used to coming from a larger keyboard previously. Yes, the wristpad it comes with is awe…
  • Anyone have any hints for priv esc? I dont see anything except a troll.
  • Finally got in and got root. This is by far the worst box I have encountered on this site. Down voted.
  • Can someone who has found the param DM me? I have tried multiple wordlsts and have got nothing.
  • I sent you both invites
  • @socialkas said: @FloptimusCrime said: @NINGEN said: @FloptimusCrime said: The q4 is making me mad. Anyone with leads on this? Please PM me There's a specific f…
  • Looks I'll be doing some recruiting when I get home from work today haha
  • So I think someone else already said this, but you dont need to read the zip file. Keep looking.
    in Poison Comment by lowpriv April 2018
  • I am also looking for a team of active members to join. Have OSCP,CEH,CASP, CSA+, Sec+ and experience as a pentester.
  • IF you find the correct article, you will get it. From the looks of that error, your code is not correct for what is needed here.
  • I have tried absolutely everything and can not get the username, could someone PM me with some help plz.
    in Valentine Comment by lowpriv April 2018
  • @alquimista said: @Randsec said: @minhhungvn said: I unzip the secret file and see some werid characters in there. Can some one tell me if the secret file actually helpful? Yes it is. It may l…
    in Poison Comment by lowpriv April 2018
  • @larry said: Hi guys. I know the vulnerability etc. but tbh I can't find the "obvious" credentials as you referer to not "overthink" here.. pls god I just need this small piece of info any hints here? If you have found the login page and…
    in NIbbles Comment by lowpriv January 2018
  • @eval said: Nice input here, i still haven't really thought of building a good workflow. Is is something you should try to do from the beginning (as a newbie) ? Yes, building a good workflow and taking notes is something you should do fro…
  • I don't have a ton of previous experience but I have around a year and a half experience with pentesting and also doing CTFs. Pentesting is no longer my full time job just because of the environment I worked in but I enjoy doing CTFs as hobby. A lot…
  • I agree with the above post, this is a massive field and most here didn't have a structure for learning either. The way most of us learn is by running into a problem and then researching solutions to that problem. In most cases your searching for a …
  • @N13manT said: using a customized wordlist with: asp,aspx,bat,bmp,cgi,conf,config,doc,docx,gif,htm,html,img,jar,jpeg,jpg,js,log,pdf,php,sh,text,tmp,txt,xml still nothing Well in this case I'd say the issue that your scanning for W…
    in Sense Comment by lowpriv January 2018
  • @N13manT said: I've been slamming at Sense for over a week now and except for some folders and a txt file....nothing worth mentioning. I've used dirsearch, dirbuster and wfuzz in combo with the wordlists from seclists and /kali/wordlists. Also…
    in Sense Comment by lowpriv January 2018
  • @h4x3r said: I successfully got the root on Bashed but it difficult to figure out how can a script can get the root's file. did scriptmanger have some spcl permissions than what they are and how up them in own machine? The answer to this …
  • Does anyone have a link to a good video for ROP chains? Also an excellent video for learning how to bypass ASLR using ret2libc + bruteforcing is ippsecs video walkthrough for October.
  • @elvskerm said: This is driving me mad too. So far i've been searching loads of extentions and folders. I think i'm getting somewhere with a shell file i found but i do not know what to do with it. I have run a script that sees this as a possi…
    in Shocker Comment by lowpriv January 2018

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