@Siscosr03 - You do not need testdisk, photorec, or any other 3rd party software. Think basic linux file manipulation/viewing commands. Everything in Linux is a file. Even hardware.


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  • (Quote) So... Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly ... You posted a forum topic asking for help on the easiest machine on HTB ... before you'd even finished the very first web enumeration scan?? Just making sure I'm following ...
  • Try using the information you gain from the video with certain tools.
  • (Quote) No significance at all.
  • (Quote) I edited my post and decided to just PM you since I felt like I was spoiling stuff. Check PMs. :)
  • (Quote) This is more than enough info to solve this challenge, and probably 80% of the rest of the crypto challenges. The only one's I've seen that can't be solved with JCrypTool alone are the two high-point ones, Ebola and .. Infinite Descent. As…
  • (Quote) Sometimes "admin" with a certain password on one service is not the same username (admin) on a different service, using the same password. For instance, Blocky. The password for the admin account on WordPress (or was it phpmyadmi…
  • (Quote) It's 100% normal for PNG files to show up in binwalk as Zlib compressed files, since that's the compression algorithm the PNG format uses.
    in Art Comment by likwidsec December 2017
  • (Quote) Nice post, thanks for sharing! I use generally the same type of system, just without KeepNote. Someone recommended it to me, but I found it hard to use and kind of counter-intuitive. That being said, I just use a simple directory structur…
  • (Quote) Keep slammin' broski.
    in Sense Comment by likwidsec December 2017
  • (Quote) You've got to do everything one at a time. Slow down, read the PoC. You cannot use certain characters. But you can use as many commands in one request as you want. That should do it for ya.
    in Sense Comment by likwidsec December 2017
  • Once you understand where the video fits in, you pretty much got it already.
  • (Quote) I'd like to second this motion.
  • (Quote) You most definitely can solve this with JCrypTool alone. That's all I used.
  • (Quote) If you've seen the status, you have the answer.
  • (Quote) I use a tool called JCrypTool... you should be able to figure it out with that.
  • There's absolutely zero need to brute force any part of this machine. If you research what Mirai was and how it worked, and then apply that knowledge to what you know about this machine, the answer is right in front of you.
  • (Quote) It doesn't matter that all the bloods are gone - there are rules in place that explicitly say in plain English that you're not to publicly talk about specific boxes until they are retired. That doesn't only apply to full write-ups. It appl…
  • Never said it was "dangerous" .. just saying, we're getting VERY close to directly violating one of the main rules of HTB .. The forum is turning into more of a "can't think for myself? let me check the forum and get an answer" t…
  • (Quote) A "fresh" hint? Lol the box has been out for barely a week - and everything you need to solve it is in this thread.. What more "hint" could you need?
  • Why create multiple topics for the same box? Why ask for help with simple things that you could ask google? People REALLY should try to figure things out for themselves before asking for shit to be handed to them on the forums... This forum seems …
  • Yeah - Try harder.
  • (Quote) ... no, it's not .. Did you just completely ignore the giant hint that is the rest of the PDF? It asks you a question. Answer that question and the "info" will make more sense to you.
  • This machine has some type of IDS shooting down most reverse shell techniques. I can tell you this much - if you're stuck at this point, Root is going to make you want to shoot yourself in the face.
  • (Quote) What this guy means is "All spoilers can be found here - read all the posts and you will have the answer handed to you and not learn a single thing from this challenge" Fixed that for ya.
  • (Quote) This is BY FAR the easiest machine on HTB... If you still can't figure this one out .. maybe try some other VulnHub machines, or some other CTFs or something first ... pentesterlabs has a really good course for this exact technique ... The o…
  • Why start a discussion on the forum on a box that's been out for barely 24 hours?! Go do some manual work on it. Try some things. 24 hours isn't even enough to do full enumeration on some boxes. Why have a forum topic handing out spoilers on a bo…
  • Honestly, I can't listen to music when I'm working on stuff like this.. A lot of times I like to have background noise, or something so it's not silent .. So I will usually put on a infosec talk or a Vuln writeup or something .. Lately I've been pu…
    in Music Comment by likwidsec December 2017
  • (Quote) It's password protected, right? Crack it.
    in NODE Comment by likwidsec December 2017
  • (Quote) There's a tool that I find very useful when trying to break/analyze crypto.. Called CryptoTool or JCryptoTool, depending on which you can find. Both have great visualization/cryptanalysis features. Check them out.

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