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  • once you got the numbers think about what this have in common with other crypto challenges... ;) if that still does not help, ping me on DM.
    in Call challenge Comment by levi June 2020
  • This a brilliant box, but for not apparent reason I got stuck and quite a few rabbit holes. A few nudges from @noob2sec and @ekka got me going, so thank you both for it! :) Overall, my recommendations make sure you cover the basics of your enumerat…
    in Registry Comment by levi December 2019
  • Quite a fun box! Once you do it, it should be straight forward to do some of the new web challenges. Thank you, @MrR3boot , for making this available! User: enumerate your life away! if you stumble into a page that seems not to be working, play aro…
    in Mango Comment by levi December 2019
  • WOW! That was really nice fun to solve! Thanks @ahmed for making it!!
    in [WEB] ezpz Comment by levi December 2019
  • I found the second part of this a lot easier on I**! I initially was just using cutter/winedbg, but once I switched I did not even need to debug it! Fairly easy with the right tool, but overall nice challenge.
  • Nice box to ease your way into windows machines. Hints: enumeration all the way through! thank you @egre55 for making this one.
    in Resolute Comment by levi December 2019
  • Just done this one. It seriously took me more time to figure out what to do with the flag than to patch the binary. So my main hint is - beware of deep rabbit holes! :) Quite a nice challenge for people keen on RE. Thank you @decoder and @stefano11…
  • Just done this one, I got into a few rabbit holes as I literally thought I had to come up with a decipher! But some hints do make it easier. It is a good challenge in terms of thinking out of the box, so thank you @StayNe for coming up with it.
    in August Comment by levi December 2019
  • Nice challenge! My hints would be watch out for rabbit holes (I seem to always waste time with them) the solution is right at your face. :) Focus on exploiting it locally first and then go for the remote instance (using NC, PUTTY or the like...).
  • Quite a nice one...! Thank you @bsecure for creating it. I think there are plenty of hints here already, but following from up @oct3t's hints, one thing I would also suggest is when you are trying to decrypt, make sure you understand what encoding …
  • Just rooted! It isn't a hard box, so my main hint is to keep it simple. There are a few rabbit holes, so if you doing anything too complicated, go back to the start. :) For both User and Root, enumeration will get you very close to what you need t…
    in Craft Comment by levi December 2019
  • Just done this one... once you extract the right information out of the binary you can try to get the chef to help you cook this... :D once that is done, you just need to compare what you have with what you expect and then make the necessary modifi…
  • Rooted! \o/ Once I got user, for some reason I did not have permission to execute what I needed to get root. I restarted the box and then it worked first time around. So if you getting issues with perms, just hit the button. ;)
    in Obscurity Comment by levi December 2019
  • @homdreen said: (Quote) this is so true! so my hint for whoever is doing this now is to make sure you don't leave anything behind... ;)
    in Bank Heist Comment by levi December 2019
  • Not a difficult one, if you are stuck, go back to the start. Consider what you have and how those things may relate to each one. The end result will have the full flag (including HTB). Make sure you do this in a case sensitive OS, such as linux/mac…
  • it is hooray! first steps is very obvious, the second takes some thinking, unless you are an esoteric programmer... :D anyone needing hints PM on HTB.
    in INFERNO Comment by levi December 2019
  • Thank you guys for the subtle hints! With the right tool this was quite quick to resolve. But doing it with custom code/script should not be that hard too... If you are stuck, go through the comments again. There are only 2 pages and there is more…
  • Tip: this is a lot easier than you expect! Once you get the v*******, what is the easiest thing you can do with it? ;)
    in USB ripper Comment by levi December 2019
  • Finally rooted!! Got a bit stuck but got some "brain untangling" hints from @extincted that got me going! Thank you @extincted for the hints and @jkr for building the box!
    in Traverxec Comment by levi December 2019
  • I have just got user on this box and I was laughing out loud when I realised that the solution was a lot simpler than the rabbit I got myself into. If you are doing this box now and are deep into a whole, stop, rethink and make sure you covered you…
    in Traverxec Comment by levi December 2019

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