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  • (Quote) same here the Reason is because of ping latency issue. that the only thing that i can comeup with so my be am i open AWS instance in Europe and see if i can try again. only think i can think of lol.
    in Olympus Comment by laylow August 2018
  • (Quote) yeah but ill say for first box start jerry! i think is one of the easiest box here i started with nibble but asoon as i was able to get some where it got retired
  • wait a Second when did mischief got patched. mm ill try again then! if so.
  • Great machine user Easy but root easy too but i never use al***** linux it made my brain all over the place thanks for the good machine all the people who supported me :P you all know who you are..
  • (Quote) lol you just giving out too much clue :) haha i am stack on using some thing to read some thing and get a flag mybe tar, some thing else lol
  • i got the loging in fristry so that is defenetly rabbit whole i start to enumrate more and got some thing that some thing i enumrate it with some thing else there are some vurnibilities but i have not worked out how to exploit it mm.. that being sa…
  • Rooted. Whew. Good box @trickster0
    in Mischeif Comment by laylow August 2018
  • (Quote) Enumerate!Enumerate!Enumerate!Enumerate!Enumerate!Enumerate! 90% of the job lol Thanks @pzylence
    in Mischeif Comment by laylow August 2018
  • nvm got shell listener had issue. but it working now
  • so i have created my payload and i send it but i just can't open shell what am i doing wrong i went threw again and again but am still not getting in session i think my payload is ok too
  • (Quote) thanks Simvirus ill try once i get back home from work lol :pensive:
  • HTTP/1.1 200 OK X-Powered-By: Express Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Content-Length: 41 ETag: W/"29-mT0hiiE62mfFMAIMRMkQ7Q6tVaM" Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 13:24:37 GMT Connection: close An error occurred...invalid username type any …
  • get nmap enumeration SNMP ports boys lol :P
    in Mischeif Comment by laylow July 2018
  • got root but man good machine but bit lame at the end.. getting root.! overall good Box Thanks to the Creator
    in Stratosphere Comment by laylow July 2018
  • at last got root took me to get user/password /another user/password in 3 hours to get root took me 1 days lameeeee thanks to every body who made to TRYHARDER lol
  • (Quote) you welcome good work bro!! man some machines are easy for me some how but some soooo hard!! especialy linux need to work more on those. still newbee tho lol!!!
    in Bounty Comment by laylow July 2018
  • good maschine maaan the last bit give me the SH*****TS lol but got root aget +1 respect those who assisted me should mention name :)
    in Poison Comment by laylow July 2018
  • i am this box too much breaking but at last done. biggggest thanks to one man that Pzylence top block!
    in Bounty Comment by laylow July 2018
  • got user but i can't get seccond session because some how million people are uploading staff and session keeps dieing on me.. so ill try privac root user later.. guess.
    in Bounty Comment by laylow July 2018
  • (Quote) man i am from australia so i can only attemp when this time. problem is i get to start to work with australians any team australians around at all.. also man you are 100% right mate.. soo frustrating i loud my files get to inside server thr…
    in Bounty Comment by laylow July 2018
  • Spoiler Removed - Arrexel
    in Bounty Comment by laylow July 2018
  • (Quote) hey man can msg me the comand line use for you mean gobuster or dirb. which did use use i only was able to get 2 index and server_status.
    in Aragog Comment by laylow July 2018
  • (Quote) i same i having the same issue. with dirb only got 2 things server_statas and index.html can some PM i have PMed some people but god they take for ever to replaying back expect dude!!! thank you
    in Aragog Comment by laylow July 2018
  • some PM me which mfsvenom or reverse shell i have an idia of how to but i am having bad luck uploading the payload tried too many.. some PM with hints thank s
    in Bounty Comment by laylow July 2018
  • yaya Owned my first Box it was easy tho no going to lie :)
    in Jerry Comment by laylow July 2018
  • i need help some PM me i have ok changed edited etc but what file am i exactly looking for to get root! some pm i got full access tho webserver tho but i am confused to get root and to get points what do i need to do! thank you
    in Jerry Comment by laylow July 2018
  • so i am i got root but how do i know wethere i got points for the box or not help please
    in Jerry Comment by laylow July 2018
  • i didn't get root almost tho then it retaired thanks to Mawekl for the help mate but i had picked some daaaam good tricks..
    in Nightmare Comment by laylow July 2018
  • > @copperkid said: > Having Trouble, can someone point me in the right direction? No trolls, just fruitfull direction. > Tried injection, dirb, nikto and not vulnerable to shell shock. Cant find an exploit in kali, search sploit. Please…

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