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  • Spoiler Removed
    in Mango Comment by laylow November 2019
  • @c1cada hey man i rooted in 1 hours. the whole machine but there one issue! i think i did unintended wanna share how you rooted..
    in Postman Comment by laylow November 2019
  • Type your comment> @Dinesh42 said: (Quote) YOU GAVE AWAYYYY i had low shell and M**t and THE PAssword for matt but you gave away!! :( nvm... gg tho
    in Postman Comment by laylow November 2019
  • add me up i have team but.. i happy to join ! melbourne!
  • Type your comment> @odinshell said: (Quote) Watch Ippsec learn the methodology and you will understand how you should search a box etc.. hope that helps
  • Type your comment> @bulbafett said: (Quote) Agree!
  • LAME LAME LAME REALLY i have been on privsac for almost 6 days i am doing it right it just the stupid thing does not work for me while it works for some of my friends!
    in Conceal Comment by laylow January 2019
  • so i only Nmap not going to try it Yet!! my be this weekend ill have go and as usualy forum is full spoiler lol!!!.. but lates what we can do this weekend!! wish me luck ! :) but i want to do the 20 pointer box that coming out first.
    in Ethereal Comment by laylow October 2018
  • This MACHINE SHOULD OF BEEN 50 points who agree with me took me 5 weeks to get user/root at last thanks waspy and pzylence for assisting me i am bit disapointed this machine is 100 times harder then mischief i think they should of increased the poi…
    in Hawk Comment by laylow September 2018
  • (Quote) dude dis guys letry put every on the machine WTF>>> this fricking sploiler man you actualy told every body what to do lol :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i got user about go for privsac.
    in Giddy Comment by laylow September 2018
  • the first rule!! it is front read it and add them to gether!. :)
  • so i have the username computer name cracked hashes which game password. when i try using those to log on /****** P*****ll i it says anothorized, can some pm me please. ?
    in Giddy Comment by laylow September 2018
  • amm i dont get how can get to trouble with po po lol... i prefare using nexus 6 i only use home computer if i have to do boxes that i need to use burp or vnc i use my computer else just the nexus.. it does most of the work... but there no simcard i…
  • Yo i am trying to log on "''''te with credentials from giddy but it is telling me unathorized amean can some one tell me why it is not taking the creds?
    in Giddy Comment by laylow September 2018
  • (Quote) true that but i broke my arch trying to do KVM/Qemu i have yet to set it up proper but what i did i am ruing bootlct and i have windows and arch on 2 diffrent SSD cards where ill have press f10 to choose which one to boot! ruing on EFI so fo…
  • buy new on or second hand and you unlock crack it install it is lot better and you get good satifaction then one already with lunux from nethunter. cos when you install your self you can castomize it like you want.. i use archlinux at home! tho :) i…
  • (Quote) the nexus 6 motorola is the best! out of any other device out there... as far as i know it actually really really good trust me on this.. !!! lol i am on bed and i am still tring to crack staff!! no facebook no snapchat no Instegram i quite …
  • well i use nexus 6 and i disabled the android using netthunter but i upgrade to kali linux meaning the chroot is nethunter but every think else kali linux nmap -p- -sU -sV -T4 takes around 2 minuters to 3 minuters for me to complete to be honsty i…
  • (Quote) lol you 100% right but to be honsty i use for enumration because enumration is 90% of the work... and also reading forums! but yes the only time i can consentrate when i am home but by the time i have idea of what i have to do so i take ou…
  • (Quote) i think that is rabbit whole lol.. if it not let me know i though about it as well
    in Giddy Comment by laylow September 2018
  • i am still working user lol. lates see how far i get!
    in Giddy Comment by laylow September 2018
  • got root! but i had. hard time moving From Clai*** ad*** privsac it just wont paypas to the folder Ba*** S*** keep saying access denied reset the Box and then it worked :)___ very nice box thank to the makers and also thanks to @waspy For the h…
    in Reel Comment by laylow September 2018
  • (Quote) too much spoiler here DUDE!! but just tell the trues you will not get shell on this machine unless you europ simply put.. if you have and account with AWS then make linux instace and run DIffrent XXXXX ploit to get the shell and things yo…
    in Olympus Comment by laylow September 2018
  • (Quote) lol thanks TR4k long time man once i got user took me 40m to get root! lollll it just getting inscial shell which hard but it tricky and good machine
    in Olympus Comment by laylow September 2018
  • i am able to get shell! but why i just can't get out of the stupid shell like can't move any where only can not too many commands on metepeter session! any one advice how i can scap to diffrent possessor
    in Reel Comment by laylow September 2018
  • (Quote) true good box but my issue was i couldn't get shell on first initial foothold meaning even tho i was on the right track. " reason" was latency even tho i changed the VPN from free to VIP to american server euro servers nothing woul…
    in Olympus Comment by laylow August 2018
  • for those who are from Australia india nz etc just letting you know it kinda impossible to get shell on this box the first shell i am talking not after.. any way i was able to get shell using instant i set up Europe threw AWS... good luck to ever…
    in Olympus Comment by laylow August 2018
  • 2 question about this i am annoyed the fact that this server has baaaad latency VIP+ Free Labs Second say for example you use 2 things and you know it correct but it just not letting you open shell.. because of latency now what is the alternativ…
    in Olympus Comment by laylow August 2018
  • (Quote) dude nice link man thank you! you got some nice staff on your dropBOX OSCP ill be doing in 4 month... just going for AWS Cert next 1 so been busy with that. ill PM regarding about OSCP ether ways excellent file thanks for sharing
    in Olympus Comment by laylow August 2018

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