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  • Type your comment> @M0rn1ngst4r said: (Quote) You are on the right spot, if you really try the key with each user in the system then reset the server :)
  • Type your comment> @cdf123 said: (Quote) It's not, I saw two reverse shells uploaded successfully, however I get the same result, the 'upload succesfull.y' and nothing uploaded And one of the rev shell I saw uploaded doesn't have the first line…
    in onetwoseven Comment by lantog April 2019
  • Any hints to get from D** to V****? I saw the b***_h***** and everything in it, but I don't know how to get to it
    in Vault Comment by lantog February 2019
  • Any hints for a stable shell? If I still overthinking it'll die haha
    in Zipper Comment by lantog January 2019
  • If you can make the c*** with the s**-*****n command and principal, it has to have a name like If it isn't, the authentication will fail. I like to put stuff from htb names like 'blah'. .. and that gave me a headache when I tried to figu…
    in Ypuffy Comment by lantog January 2019
  • If you are trying to get the upload with a exploit-db thing, you have to modified more than just the time. Hope this isn't taken as sploiler
  • @Seth70 Look at the server header response with a proxy
  • Dont reuse posts @vanquish

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