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  • Great box, all those users and passwords were a little bit confusing, but still more fun than swearing. After all it has great educational value. dm if you stuck
    in Admirer Comment by kwl6b776c May 18
  • @VbScrub it was like a journey! Great opportunity to master tools like powerview, ldapsearch, some decompilers and much more... even if not every of them are necessary for this box.
    in Cascade Comment by kwl6b776c May 15
  • That is great that you explained how deserialization works. It will definitely help those without (or with small) web development background, including me :smile: I think people appreciate vidoes that shows whats going on in depth, rather than just…
  • Finally rooted. Big respect for @izzie and @Nt3c for help. Feel free to PM for nudges. And one more thing: can someone explain why Powe*V*** command doesnt work for granting Rep********* privilige?
  • Rooted, relatively easy in comparison to Forest, which almost made me lost my minds :D Feel free to PM for nudges
  • (Quote) Same situation for me :( Already tried to do this locally with evil-**rm as well as remotely from my Windows machine with $Cred object and -Credentials argument. Both methods gave same error :/ Could somebody help me with this? Moreover -…
  • Smart guys, could you tell me why EVIL rb program works, but metasploit win_sc****_ex does not? What`s the difference between these two? Thanks
    in Forest Comment by kwl6b776c October 2019
  • Hello Guys, a little question. Could someone explain me what am I doing wrong with TGT? I managed to get credentials for sv*-*******o user, I cracked AS-REP response. Then I tried to g**** and I successfully saved ticket in cache, but actually…
    in Forest Comment by kwl6b776c October 2019
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Craft Comment by kwl6b776c October 2019
  • Type your comment> @rheaalleen said: (Quote) No no, I just edited my post, which I think was a little bit too spoiler(ously?) :smile: Your post is actually great among a lot of "try harder"
  • Ok. Rooted. But can someone explain me why script line e**o $**r=$* EXECUTING command included in $*? i will appreciate some explanation on DM. I dont like rooting machines without fully understanding what happens. Thanks in advance
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  • Spoiler Removed
    in Heist Comment by kwl6b776c August 2019
  • Guys, it seems images are filled with some info. I used steghide and it prompts for password. It doesnt have anything with task (root hash already obtained) but just for my curiosity: did anyone cracked it? Is it some easter egg? Is it worth to be …
    in Safe Comment by kwl6b776c August 2019
  • Finally made user part. My first BOF and ROP. It took me a long time to get used to radare2 and learn the idea of ROP and reversing binaries at all. It was fun and had educative value. Great. Feel free to dm me for nudges.
    in Safe Comment by kwl6b776c August 2019
  • Type your comment> @smaxs said: (Quote) Same situation. Stuck since yesterday. I will appreciate any hints on DM. Edit: Done. Nightmare. Edit2: To be clear - it was nightmare for me to root the machine due to lack of knowledge of ELK stack as w…
    in Haystack Comment by kwl6b776c July 2019
  • Type your comment> @dividebyzer0 said: (Quote) Once you decrypt it u will immediately do the rest :smiley:
    in Writeup Comment by kwl6b776c July 2019
  • Hello guys :) Just started haystack. Could you tell me if the needle.img is connected with steganography? Do I need to use steganography tools to obtain some information from this picture? Edit: Ok, I found it :smile: Hint: use e.g. burp guys!
    in Haystack Comment by kwl6b776c July 2019
  • Ok, I have a question. I rooted the machine, but it would be impossible for me without reading this topic. How you guys come up with the idea like "oh, lets take a look at p********s and then take a look at $P*** and so on to get root"?
    in Writeup Comment by kwl6b776c July 2019
  • The box was great! But trying to understend why some tools didn`t work for me and had to install 3d software on W*********. Could somebody DM me to maybe discuss why ************.rb doesnt work in my case? DM me for hints if you stuck guys :smile:
    in Bastion Comment by kwl6b776c July 2019
  • Finally owned the machine. It`s my second active machine owned, therefore I am very happy. It took me couple of hours to made it. I have to admit that i had to take a look at google to find out some things connected certainly to Magento Platform, bu…
    in Swagshop Comment by kwl6b776c July 2019

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