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  • Any nudge for priv esc part? Kernel exploitation does not work. Edit: Rooted, Thanx to @MarsG for nudge. Hint for FOOTHOLD: First step is CTF-like, enum and make request by another verb, then try to login, you gonna hit rock. When you are in,…
    in Wall Comment by ko2sec September 2019
  • A good challenge, thanks to @prdcsm for hint and thnx to @Arrexel for making it.
    in Fuzzy [Web] Comment by ko2sec July 2019
  • Finally rooted. I liked both user and privesc parts, but really unstable box, I needed to reset many times while privesc. Anyway thanks for l******h g**k hints.
    in Haystack Comment by ko2sec July 2019
  • awesome box! learned a lot, thanx jkr.
    in Writeup Comment by ko2sec June 2019
  • Rooted. If you need hint, all you need is to read this topic, you will find everything you need.
    in Luke Comment by ko2sec June 2019
  • Some hints please, stuck on it. Edit: solved. waste of time.
  • Edit: Rooted finally!
  • stuck on CMS, I logged in but cannot find a way to get reverse shell. I also tried to upload FileS****m extension but i get error everytime. Please PM me for rev shell part.
    in Swagshop Comment by ko2sec May 2019
  • I have confused feeling about this box. I learnt something new but sometimes way of thinking is so unrealistic. just got root. actually I was stepping around getting root for a few hours just realized I was on it already. Don't hesitate for a nudge.
    in Chaos Comment by ko2sec February 2019
  • got root finally, can anyone PM me about N**.J foothold? I stepped in with other way.
  • Wow! It was an amazing machine and it made me learn so much. Huge thanks to @jkr and @pikey301 for leading to clue.
    in Carrier Comment by ko2sec December 2018
  • Stuck at privEsc part and I feel lost, who can lead me to some clue?
    in Carrier Comment by ko2sec December 2018
  • It was a challenging machine for beginners like me, i learned a lot useful information and tools. if you get stuck don't hesitate to PM.
    in Curling Comment by ko2sec November 2018
  • (Quote) get back to where you started, and think about what steg is then combine these information
    in Irked Comment by ko2sec November 2018
  • (Quote) try standart linux commands on relevant service to get an output
    in Carrier Comment by ko2sec November 2018

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