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  • And rooted. The foothold was one of the trickiest parts. I was so confused when i couldn't find the directory until I realized that capitalization is important. Thanks to @ChefByzen for the awesome box
  • It took a bit to get used to but I actually really enjoy the new UI. It looks much smoother to me, and I haven't noticed the speed at all TBH.
  • Rooted! That was a fun box and I learned a lot doing it. It was interesting being that root was the exact same as user. If you get one, you have the other too. The hardest part was the 'hashes'. If you're struggling with that, read the file more and…
  • This box is interesting so far. I haven't really gotten anywhere yet, but I've learned loads about mail servers.
  • Rooted. Honestly, that foothold killed me. It took me a long time to find the right program to use, but once I found the correct one it worked immediately. If you're having trouble with that, I would say move to a different program if the one you're…
  • Finally rooted. I had some trouble getting a stable shell in the end. I had a problem elevating from the h user to root. If you are having problem with seeing your privileges, figure out how to get a full nc shell.
  • Finally rooted this box. It took me way longer than it should have because I was being an idiot for the first couple days. I used the TV method. Not entirely sure what the U****C thing I've been seeing is, I'll have to look into that. Root was much …
    in Remote Comment by kneedeep July 7
  • Parrot supposedly runs lighter than Kali by default and so is better for people with potato computers. I haven't tested this myself, however. Personally, I like Parrot's UI better. I find it to be more aesthetic.
  • Rooted. not quite sure what I did or how it worked but I did it so... Thanks to @Boolean700 and @LordImhotep especially for their help
    in Irked Comment by kneedeep April 2019
  • Finally got user. Working on root now...
    in Irked Comment by kneedeep April 2019
  • Finally got root. Yeah that was stupid easy. If you got user, root should take like 10 minutes, unless your dumb like me. xD It's a known exploit, but it helps to have a good interactive shell.
  • Holy crap I actually got user. Unexpected, also somewhat annoying because I spent so long trying to evade the filter.
  • I need some help finding the site credentials. I've looked through the c************ and t*****d*** files. I would appreciate a little push.
    in Netmon Comment by kneedeep March 2019

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