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  • Type your comment> @Cheeriest said: (Quote) there's a module you can use for the same framework you're trying to utilise. a very special module. utilise correctly & the shell will come straight back to you just like that.
  • Type your comment> @de4dgh0st said: (Quote) go back a little bit & read what you see really carefully. don't disregard errors as disadvantageous. you will need to refer to documentation too. refer to something being disabled due to CSRF prot…
  • Type your comment> @ion0x0 said: (Quote) not 100% sure what you're referring to, but no injection of any type of syntax is necessary. there wasn't from my run anyway...
  • Type your comment> @6uta said: (Quote) Enum more. Maybe look for something that you weren't able to see before?
    in Cache Comment by kcaaj June 30
  • Type your comment> @davesipos said: (Quote) i'm assuming you're talking about msf. check the target setting too. you may have to change that to something more suitable. & make sure you're using the correct one for what you can access.
  • Type your comment> @IR0nIVI4n said: (Quote) I meant .net framework
  • Type your comment> @IR0nIVI4n said: (Quote) something that may surprise some people. https://github.com/icsharpcode/ILSpy does everything dnSpy & all other similar tools do, for that specific framework, but on Linux. I didn't believe it myse…
  • So... I just got finished with this box. What a box. Loved every stage of it, except the part where I couldn't read root.txt for maybe 2-3 hours. No clue what happened there. Thought I was losing my mind. protip: enum & more enum, then (ab)use
  • Type your comment> @6uta said: (Quote) There's a very convenient & readily available document on the internet that will help lots here... I feel like even that is almost too much...
    in Cache Comment by kcaaj June 28
  • Heard good things about this box, planning to get started on it as soon as I get up. Gonna have a lil' preliminary read of some of the stuff in this thread while I have a coffee. Edit: Got user about 10 minutes ago. Enjoying this thoroughly. I don'…
    in Cascade Comment by kcaaj June 23
  • Paths you see everywhere all the time are most likely not to help you a huge amount when it comes to finding this. Package maintainers. File lists. Look & you will find.
  • Type your comment> @Sup3rUs3r said: (Quote) Go back a little bit. Read all information very carefully & thoroughly, don't be hasty. Do not disregard anything you might think useless or disadvantageous. The answer is in front of you.
  • For everybody struggling finding that file. All I'll say is, Google, and a certain package maintainer. That should be more than enough.
  • Type your comment> @liquidrage said: (Quote) Put yourself in the shoes of the person who installed tomcat. Edit: Just rooted this box no more than 5 minutes ago. Fun box, learned a few things. Often found myself going around in circles when the…
  • Type your comment> @Zoinks said: (Quote) At this stage no tools are necessary.
  • Type your comment> @chicxulub said: (Quote) Yeah... Passing one obstacle seems to present an even weirder one.
  • Finally moved past the part I was stuck on for ages, which most of you are/will be... What you're seeking isn't in a well-known place...
  • Type your comment> @ferreirasc said: (Quote) In the same boat. Read extensively on certain documentation in hopes to leverage information. Nothing. Not sure where I can go from here... Edit: A tiny nudge in the right direction wouldn't go amiss.…
  • It brings me joy to know I'm not the only person having problems with this. But the problems I'm having are just so strange. Like, this really should /not/ be happening. I was going to make a ticket but if it isn't necessary then I won't, but again,…

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