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  • rooted. What a ride. PM open if you need a nudge or two...
  • Ah. rooted. Nice box. Learnt a few new attackvectors/tecniques from this one. PM if you need nudge for this one.
    in Cache Comment by kbotnen July 22
  • Ah. finally got time to finish this off. Learnt alot of this. Thanks alot to the creators. PM me if you need a nudge.
    in Magic Comment by kbotnen July 3
  • rooted this one at least. this box was fun and I learned a few cool things on the way. thanks to the creators of this box, well played! If you need nudge, feel free to PM
    in Admirer Comment by kbotnen May 27
  • Got user and root flag. The nudges and hints in the forum should get you there, but pm if I can help.
    in Traceback Comment by kbotnen May 2
  • (Quote) You alter the box, which is bad, I agree. It might confuse other users, and provide unneccessary rabbitholes. So you better clean up after yourself fast, and probably do it in the vip-tier where you have the box for yourself. BUT you dont b…
    in OpenAdmin Comment by kbotnen April 30
  • Did you connect to the htb-vpn? Write ifconfig in a terminal and see if there is a tun0 interface with address in 10.10.x.y range.
  • Hi, Ive rooted the box earlier but not the john-route. Today I went back and want to manage to get in that way, but johns answer seems to be incorrect? DM me if you have any nudge/comment on that? Edit: I manage to solve this one with some help f…
    in OpenAdmin Comment by kbotnen April 28
  • Rooted earlier today. msf failed me on this one, but was a fun journey. DM if hint is needed :)
    in OpenAdmin Comment by kbotnen April 26
  • Type your comment> @H0ru5 said: (Quote) To get around in a Linux system you need a username and some sort of credentials. See if you can find potential usernames. If you have found anything remotely interesting, have you tried to utilize it in …
    in OpenAdmin Comment by kbotnen April 26
  • Type your comment> @thescriptkiddy said: (Quote) To quote yourself :) ENUMERATE.... and especially check what inventory of tools User1 and User2 has access to. Most tools can be used in more than one way :) Fell free to PM if you want more hint.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by kbotnen April 26

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