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  • They allow you to do just enough.
  • Enum the box and see if there is a service that accept the credentials you found. If I remeber correct, this box have quite a few services running.
  • This is not a simple priv esc. It is difficult to give a nudge. My recommendation is to reverse engineer and put the assembly code mixed with the C code so you have 100% understanding of what happens. Then, you must of cource know about normal BOF p…
  • I think there are certain machines on HTB that more ore less requires a Windows box to test your scripts (or at least it makes your life easier). In particular if you creates more advanced PS scripts, when it comes to hacking SQL server a Windows b…
  • Done! I think the information in this thread is enough to solve the challenge. However it took me quite a bit of trial and error before I understood what 1337 actually meant with his comment.
  • Maybe the firewall is activated?
  • (Quote) I do not get it, what do you mean research about? Fuzzing with the () or * or what? I am terrible stuck on this, please PM if you have a clue...
  • This machine is super easy, you should really try to do this on your own.
  • Are you sure you really read all code? Maybe you should try to disassemble the entire file and review the assembler code in nano?

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