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  • I finally can go to sleep after getting the flag πŸ˜΄πŸ›Œ
  • Finally rooted! User: was a walk in the park, just look around and be curious. Root: Real challenge is here lol. Had to hop many hurdles in order to get the root flag. P.M for hints friends :)
  • Just rooted this! finding the /c****** was a whole challenge thanks to @Chantal2019 and @ReapeRRR for the help :)
    in Wall Comment by jrgdiaz November 2019
  • learned a few things about R*dis :) I don't know why the MOULE command was not available @ Rdis v4.. but this is the reason why the obvious [M] exploit wasn't working! Initial foothold may not work @ the first few tries P.M for hints friends!
    in Postman Comment by jrgdiaz November 2019
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Mango Comment by jrgdiaz November 2019
  • I still have a question about this box can someone please explain something to me real quick? please e,e
    in Sniper Comment by jrgdiaz October 2019
  • thanks for this amazing box it was really fun. Chris's boss is such a damn jerk!!! P.M for nudges friends πŸ™‚
    in Sniper Comment by jrgdiaz October 2019
  • got stuck for about 2 days on privesc chasing rabbit holes thanks to hashcat. If anyone wants nudges P.M me :)
    in Json Comment by jrgdiaz October 2019
  • user: it was fun to develop exploit using the pwn python lib. Learned a lot! root: I don't understand why i couldn't find the .kx thing using hact. But it worked right away using the other option. I even trimmed the part of the format hac*t didn't …
    in Safe Comment by jrgdiaz October 2019
  • beer, silicon valley, and hackthebox? doesn't get better than this. User: don't overthink the jail. Say hi to your neighbors they may greet you with beer and snacks Root: pay close attention to the components involved. And how they may be used to…
    in Craft Comment by jrgdiaz September 2019

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