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  • Really liked this challenge. Techniques for both parts were new for me and I learned lots, although I lost my weekend :)
  • This was really quite a fun machine and learned lots. I thought I would find it easier after finishing all the RE challenges, but it uses different techniques. Thanks @R4J Nonetheless, I quite liked the way the vulnerable function is abused to get …
    in Rope Comment by job0 November 20
  • Really enjoyed this challenge, lots of learning and a few headaches :) For me, it was getting over the first hump was the hardest. Afterwards the rest flows fairly naturally. I used mainly GDB and Ghidra.
  • Thanks @MrR3boot , learned couple things :) The route to user was quite fun (and thankfully it was not as much trouble as Player). I quickly found my way to the "under construction" page, but got stuck there for some time. For anyone else…
    in Mango Comment by job0 October 29
  • Really nice machine that learned lots from, thanks @egre55 & @mrb3n . Took me a few days as I have zero experience of AD environments (I've been hiding in the world of Linux for far too long :)). But there are easily enough hints in the first f…
    in Forest Comment by job0 October 26
  • I am amazed how simple this box was. Straight from initial shell to root without even needing enumeration. Ill have to play it again and try the harder route. But, I can see if you dont have experience of software configuration management it could …
    in Bitlab Comment by job0 October 9
  • Rooted. I spent far too much time on Priv Esc due to a missing character white space character in my script, assumed it didnt work and went back into enumeration phase :( My hint for rooting is that after you find the thing to exploit, take the in…
    in Bankrobber Comment by job0 October 9
  • Really enjoyed the machine. The couple places where I got stuck, after reading this forum the answer became clear ;) For those couple points, I kicked myself for missing them as it really is the basics. Thanks @askar
    in Wall Comment by job0 October 9
  • Finally rooted after almost a week. Thanks @0xdf I found it an enjoyable machine and a learned lots from it, almost every step of the process was new to me as this is only my second Windows machine. Generally the whole process seemed quite realisti…
    in RE Comment by job0 October 2
  • (Quote) In Linux, once you have SSH you can always use SCP for file transfer. Failing that, set up a mini web server on your machine and use wget/curl. Or even, just use nc and pipe it.
    in Writeup Comment by job0 September 13
  • Rooted. Technically it is easy, but its not obvious. Thanks, it is a nice machine!
    in Writeup Comment by job0 September 13
  • Rooted. This was my first windows machine attempted so was a serious learning curve. Thanks :smile:
    in Heist Comment by job0 September 11
  • Just finished, my first on the site :smile: Just a quick question. I was wondering, at some point in the process I decided to use ssh (by setting a key), but after about 5 minutes connections reset and all the temporary files would be gone. But the…
    in Jarvis Comment by job0 September 7

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