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  • Finally! What a journey. I'm curious with how others have gained foothold. I didn't set up a similar environment as the box. Hope to share thinking processes and paths taken with others via PM. Foothold You probably found something interesting but…
  • Nice box, finally root, thanks to @IvanV for the final push across the finishing line! Thank you to the box creator @felamos For those that are stuck. Don't give up. When I started this box, I had little knowledge of the technologies at play. I li…
  • Finally rooted. Quite often with boxes, You don't know, what you don't know. So the real skill here is to be able to follow small subtle bread crumbs and research the hell out of things that you come across. Foothold Examine how the website handle…
  • I suppose things are only easy if you know how, and I didn't. However this is now my new favourite box! Made many silly errors that helped me learn a great deal, especially with rooting the box. I'm curious how others had done theirs. Will have to …
  • Finally rooted! massive thanks to @mekatronik for schooling me on this one! Learned a great deal!! For Priv esc: Once you gained your initial foothold. Look at the power that you have on a particular service. Read through the OPENBSD man pages for …
    in Ypuffy Comment by jbob October 2018
  • (Quote) I did the same thing only to realise later that it was not needed. The good thing is that you got the command to work. Now you do more with that command. Test these commands on your own windows host first.
    in Access Comment by jbob October 2018
  • Finally got root! I thought the difficulty was low!...boy was I wrong. I guess when you don't know something, it's hard! Thanks to @raouf09 for help, turns out I was on the right track but didnt understand the syntax of a command. I still think th…
    in Access Comment by jbob October 2018
  • Finally rooted! A shoutout to @DeepBlue5 and @Skunkfoot for the helping me. Message to non-developers (such as me) for priv esc. To avoid looking around in the wrong place. First you must look at what you have and what you are dealing with. Resear…
  • (Quote) For those still stuck. You need to read the threads over and over again! Good Luck!
  • Finally rooted! But I somewhat don't feel satisfied. Yes I've learnt many new things and how not to make simple errors. Shout out to @ZaphodBB
  • (Quote) Rooted! That was a not a Priv Esc I was expecting . Thanks @lun3r and thanks @0xdf for creating this fun yet frustrating box. Learnt a lot of ways in how not to get the flag.
    in SecNotes Comment by jbob September 2018
  • The user flag was easy but rooting this is a pain. I'm root on the box but cannot get to the flag. I feel I'm really close and I'm missing one thing. Can anyone PM some pointers?
    in SecNotes Comment by jbob September 2018

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