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  • Can someone PM me, I need a nudge on the initial shell. I have the RCE through x** vuln, but can't seem to get anything working for a shell...
  • Finally god Root! Big thx to @limbernie @clubby789 and @kdoos this one was tough for me. S**i will literally be the death of me lol
    in Zetta Comment by jayjay25 September 2019
  • Got User and looking around but obviously missing something for root. Enum doesnt show much.. I see the td list which have somewhat interesting info but not sure how to move forward. Any hint? please DM!
    in Zetta Comment by jayjay25 September 2019
  • Finally got Root! Anyone willing to share their notes? this one was frustrating and all over the place.
  • Totally lost on this one...trying to S*L inject WH**s but lost there..Can someone PM me on initial foothold
  • Any help on user? I've looked up infoblox rmi and can execute commands through the script but they run as w-d instead of p****** as i'm executing the script ..I'm missing something simple here?
    in Jarvis Comment by jayjay25 August 2019
  • Having issues with reverse shell on this box. I am a windows noob. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have m**vc account and can run commands. Please DM
    in Querier Comment by jayjay25 May 2019
  • Got in the initial box but cant escape the shell, not sure if i should continue to enumerate or waste my time trying to escape the shell. The no stdout is super annoyign and im pretty sure i need TTY commands. Can anyone help out? DM me EDIT: figur…
    in Vault Comment by jayjay25 March 2019
  • So i've got the privelidge escalation and the user flag however can't seem get the root flag. I found hte i*** and the r*** files and think i know hte correlation but I can't escalate it.. Also cant find the process running it. I feel like a noob an…
    in Curling Comment by jayjay25 March 2019

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