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  • Type your comment> @AgentSmith said: (Quote) Best of luck @AgentSmith
  • Type your comment> @hvalmas said: > https://support.offensive-security.com/oscp-exam-guide/ > > "You must achieve a minimum score of 70 points to pass the exam" > > ..not 75 yup
  • Type your comment> @emaragkos said: > Thanks for the answers! A few more now haha :) > All of the target are Windows? > What OS are most likely to use? > Are they correlated in order to solve them all? > Machines are more…
  • Type your comment> @emaragkos said: > Hey thanks for the tips! I have a question. I have heard you have to collect 75 points in order to pass. > How many machines do you have access to try and exploit for the test? > Do you select w…
  • Type your comment> @emmycat said: (Quote) Best of luck with the course! It will throw a lot of stuff you should've learned in the labs, not the material so make sure you finish most of the public machines if not all. Make sure you're comfortab…
  • Type your comment> @R3S3T said: (Quote) You're welcome! I never read a book to be honest, just do as much as you can in the PWK labs try to own as much as you can! it will teach you a lot, trust me! for me, I only watched a few of the materia…
  • Type your comment> @fbarrsmith said: (Quote) PM sent
    in Querier Comment by j0c0d3r May 2019
  • Type your comment> @fbarrsmith said: (Quote) No, it's not a false path to victory bro :D Anyone stuck, PM me to help ;) <3
    in Querier Comment by j0c0d3r May 2019

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