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  • i feel like i'm overthinking this. Got past login, thinking similar method would apply to getting secret data or the flag, as well as tried some other stuff like cdinj****ion with no love. Anyone willing to DM me a nudge in the right direction? I kn…
  • Type your comment> @jkana101 said: (Quote) well this explains why I failed then :pensive: jokes aside, IDK. stumped on user > 2nd user but i know what i need to look at. that part and the initial foothold exploit does seem OSCP-like but i do…
  • Type your comment> @sm4sh0ps said: (Quote) can i DM you regarding this if you don't mind? Looking for a slight nudge in the right direction, nothing major.
  • Type your comment> @0xTen said: (Quote) same here, kinda stumped trying to think of how to leverage this to get RCE on the server. still wondering about that s***l URI, but IDK.
  • rooted last night. Fun box, all downhill from after the foothold, but really interesting PE :)
  • Type your comment> @n0Idea said: (Quote) If you've found an initial vuln you can leverage that to look for clues that might lead the way. Just be careful before you write certain things off, and read the manual/documentation if needed :)
  • Type your comment> @CyberG33k said: (Quote) yeah i got it eventually, cheers mate. Just wasn't thinking as deeply as i needed to about why something may or may not show :)
  • Type your comment> @initinfosec said: (Quote) Got it - i see why I missed it earlier - man I'm feel dumb. For people that are struggling to find something to get the foothold - if you know what you're looking for, read the documentation, play w…
  • (Quote) NVM i think I finally made some progress - attention to details and other variants help! :) ETA - i may have spoke too soon lol
  • Type your comment> @termtype said: (Quote) mind if we DM? - could use a quick nudge, been stuck for a few days (see posts just above yours.) Have an idea where i think it should be but I'm either slightly off or don't have perms for that certain…
  • Type your comment> @0ryuk0 said: (Quote) gotcha - installing confirmed why i might not be able to see what i'm looking for, but not really sure how to get around it. Will keep digging.
  • (Quote) yep, same thing man, tried fuzzing too, no love, but may be slightly off on syntax. Finding the initial vuln and knowing what i need to look for only took 30mins, but after that....nothing. Looked in several system files that indicate where…
  • Type your comment> @Somnus said: (Quote) I've tried that and pulled a few other things from files that i know will be there/accessible. They point to dirs and files that i've already tried with no love. I feel like i'm missing something obvious,…
  • @DidgeriDude - I found one that works for Granny, using a windows/shell_reverse_tcp stageless listener - haven't tried it on grandpa yet, but will soon. Shell is super stable. Some of the instability of the shell may just be the Grandpa box: https:…
  • @DidgeriDude - you ever find a solution to this? Running into the same thing with about 3 different variants of the exploit. The only thing that seems to be stable is meterpreter.
  • Type your comment> @BT1483 said: (Quote) rooted, thank you!
  • this is my first HTB! A bit more challenging than I expected. Can i get a nudge/PM for root? I currently have a shell as K*** and i see a certain L***H input file/dir that looks promising but not sure what to do with it. TIA, have a great day!

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