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  • got users only, no creds.
  • *Spoiler Removed*
    in Dyplesher Comment by idevilkz June 13
  • okay, this has been fun so far still no user but I am into the dashboard and my worst nightmare java is there again :D
    in Dyplesher Comment by idevilkz June 12
  • looks like he was. I managed to clear it. got last flag left, will tackle on later.
  • still doing it, can't believe this.
  • that guy on, stop sending shit to the machine, you are just killing it for everyone. All I could see is constant requests, unless you are DDOS'ing it on purpose ?
  • can I ask someone to hold my hand through this one. using IDA, I have found a possible long string but thats about it. Reversing is something new to me so getting confused very easily
  • Type your comment> @zer0bubble said: (Quote) ??? I got 3 users and a password which I cracked but don't know where to use them :)
  • interesting box. so far I have found list of users > @gverre said: (Quote) that is true
  • can I ask someone to give me a helping hand with this. more like i want to understand it. I have loaded it into ghidra and can see some data but don't know how to manipulate it
  • okay first of all, thanks to @frenata @blaudoom @marlasthemage for their continuous support and bearing with me whilst I continually pestered them. Not that I have finished but just got the user today. For me, I had to start from scratch on this …
    in Fatty Comment by idevilkz June 1
  • slow but steady here with some help. I have sat back on this and gone and learned some basic Java so I know what is what. found a JVM reverse engineering lab at tryhackme which definitely helped a little. I am at that point that I have got the init…
    in Fatty Comment by idevilkz May 27
  • thats very good explanation there from Tazwake. I'd also add, don't worry about ranks and points, concentrate on learning and once you have knowledge, the rank and points will be come running. Good luck
  • stuck on dead poets. i see the path but unable to get info out, working on fatty to take my mind away and come back fresh.
  • i don't mind being included. I am learning rapidly however these hard and insane linux machines are still difficult and am having to learn for days on every step :) tackling fatty at the moment :(
  • thanks @choupit0 had some slow progress as I am reading as I go along. I shall post with an update soon. seeing some interesting stuff on scan now.
  • Type your comment> @farbs said: (Quote) thanks Sir, I haven't done it as I know boxes on this platform don't need bruting but I thought i would post it here just in case. I shall try harder.
  • got the first flag. for the second flag, i can see login panel and /or a thing on higher port. do i need to brute force login or find some vulnerabilities using ****an tool ?
  • Type your comment> @roowashere said: (Quote) its been a ride for me too. I started this box about a month ago and still doing it :) I found out that there was a huge gap in my skill set for: ++ python coding / programming (the gap has shrinked …
  • Type your comment> @sm4sh0ps said: (Quote) thanks pal, i shall give it a bash.
    in Fatty Comment by idevilkz May 9
  • Type your comment> @sm4sh0ps said: (Quote) I am getting nested exception is java.lang.SecurityException: SHA-256 digest error for beans.xml most possibly when I am packing the jar back, its not liking it. I am using jar to pack it pack, suppo…
    in Fatty Comment by idevilkz May 8
  • hi guys, wonder if someone can give me a nudge. I have got the .zip file and updated the .xml in it with right creds etc. I can run the file and it loads a username and password interface but all the menu options are greyed out ? a nudge would be w…
    in Fatty Comment by idevilkz May 8
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) * plus 1 to what you said there @TazWake I don't shy away from learning from anyone in any shape of form and I don't feel embarrassed asking for help, you can't just know everything but as long as there…
  • which part Command ? PM
    in [JET] Fortress Comment by idevilkz May 7
  • I can't see why being on the top matters. does it really ? for me, its a playful way to learn things and the best part of learning is getting stuck, sitting back, thinking here, thinking there, may be sometimes when having a shit, of why that did…
  • so it took me over 2 days to get my head around buffer overflows and with help from @FlatMarsSociet and @EvilT0r13 I have had good success with other parts however, I am now stuck with following three Elasticity Member Manager Memo - i have a roug…
    in [JET] Fortress Comment by idevilkz May 6
  • ok I think I am nearly there with overflow however I am unable to get my code working. I am still for the life of me can't get a reverse shell on to jet, tried netcat, socat and whichever. for overflow, I am running using burp with socat however, f…
    in [JET] Fortress Comment by idevilkz May 5
  • Type your comment> @FlatMarsSociet said: (Quote) thanks @FlatMarsSociet I have made some progress and on to Going Deeper
  • +1 to above. I would like to know this too. I spent nearly 2 days trying to convert the RID manually but the RID i was getting wasn't all unicode, it had some WINGDINGS font in it :)
    in Multimaster Comment by idevilkz April 29

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