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  • Learning a new technique of web attacks. I will just be a Mango lover. :) Let me know if you need some help. Thank you the creator of this awesome box @MrR3boot and @UrfinJuice for a useful hint.
  • (Quote) Congratulations man. It's your well done. I'm just hint provider.
  • @Kougloff Thanks for your answer man. I just got flag without cracking hash. :) Fun and learn. If anyone needs hint don't hesitate to PM me.
  • I just got hashed message. I'm waiting to crack it. I don't know it's a rabbit hole or not. :worried:
  • Type your comment> @GoatPrime said: (Quote) Same here, please give me some hint on PM. I'll appreciate it.
    in Craft Comment by idealphase July 2019
  • Finally got the root shell. I've learned a lot about ELK stack. If anyone needs help feel free to PM me. :)
    in Haystack Comment by idealphase July 2019
  • Finally, pwned it. I've learned a new thing. Thanks, @syan1de for an awesome hint. Feel free to PM me if you got stuck.
    in Luke Comment by idealphase May 2019
  • Finally, I got rooted! Thanks, @L4mpje for your creating the one awesome window machine. I've learned window pentest skill. Can't wait for the @ippsec video or @0xdf walkthrough to see a different way to do this machine. If you got stuck PM feel f…
    in Bastion Comment by idealphase May 2019
  • Pwned the box! Thanks, @ch4p for great Linux box. I've Learned a lot about Magento in the initial foothold! Feel Free to PM me If you guys got stuck. The PrivEsc part is easy one.
    in Swagshop Comment by idealphase May 2019
  • I have found Japan thing. I'm enumerating. Need someone give me some hint in PM.
  • Finally, get root.txt I'm finding the way to get root shell. special thanks @clmtn for hints on user part. Feel free to PM me.
  • Type your comment> @Malone5923 said: (Quote) Same here. I found that credential can use with port 13* but I don't know What Should I do next step. I'll appreciate a PM [Current Status : got user.txt]

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