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  • I need a nudge with root. The is something wrong with the Time :(
  • Finally Root. Thanks to @UGlz for the initial nudge. Good box. The Foothold took a while to figure out. The rest was not that hard if you pay attention. Foothold: Bust your way around to get more info. Pick a tool any tool. Then you need to pay at…
  • I managed to login and now I am trying to go further but something is wrong. This is for the initial fh. Can someone give me a nudge?
  • Type your comment> @Reiahx01 said: (Quote) Will try more stuff. Thanks :)
  • Type your comment> @wannabecyber said: (Quote) I am stuck on the same please. Have you solved it? Is yes can you give me a push?
  • Hi. I followed some of the tips here and I think I found the right thing but kind of stuck. Can someone give me a hand?
  • Is the machine working for you guys. I tried EU and US and nothing...
  • Type your comment> @XXXXXian said: (Quote) craft.htb is a Vhost. Add it somewhere and you need to check which child to add.
    in Craft Comment by iceroot December 2019
  • Done! After some struggles and head banging. Thanks @Anonimbus for the push! Initial Access: The name of the machine + Payloads All The Things User: Almost same as the beginning Root: GTFO is the place to be. PM for push
    in Mango Comment by iceroot December 2019
  • Type your comment> @jklmnop said: (Quote) Cats are helpful. They love playing with hashes
  • I am stuck with some ch*/cho for USER. Can some one help out? Got user. Time for root
  • Type your comment> @Darkless said: (Quote) Check some files and see what happens when you upload something and where does it go. If it says that the upload is successful than the file is uploaded. Check which pages you can open. From there on I …
  • First ever box i got rooted here (out of the school lab) I can say it is a mind fuck in the beginning. That's why I will try to give a hint without spoiling anything. User: I would really take a look at that pic. I mean the name of the box suggests…
    in Haystack Comment by iceroot October 2019
  • Ok. I still try to upload stuff on the place for uploading stuff. After a bit of googling i got that i need to change some stuff in b*** S***. The problem is that it is still not working. Can someone give me a hand? All PMs are welcome.

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