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  • As another OSCP student here I ask: which of the active boxes actually would you recommend to prepare for the exam?
  • (Quote) loooooooooooooooooooooooool man you saved me some hours of scripting :heart:
    in Dab Comment by iamr00t October 2018
  • (Quote) Nope, I've dissabled every god damn extension, I've intercepted 2 calls with B**p into 2 different tabs. The have EXACTLY the same request, but one has the correct output and the other only the Output/END empty result... Is this box doing m…
    in Dab Comment by iamr00t October 2018
  • Hey! I'm also looking for a team. I'm still quite n00b, but I'm active 3-4 hours everyday. Open to PMs!
  • (Quote) That's a pretty cool idea! Mine will be on Dec, but I'm already preparing for it!
  • Finally rooted this little demon! One of the most exasperating boxes I've done till the moment >.< I'm open to PMs if you get stucked (only specific questions!)
    in Bounty Comment by iamr00t October 2018
  • Anybody here has been able to replicate the same privesc than the ippsec's video of Jeeves on this machine? I have tried the same steps and everything looks identical... except that the ro***** po*****o dosn't return anything :/ EDIT: nevermind, I …
    in Bounty Comment by iamr00t October 2018
  • For the people resetting the machine every 5 minutes... 1.) If you don't see any file, it dosn't mean that file isn't there. Just act as if it was there. 2.) Incognito mode is your friend. 3.) When you have to pass for the bottleneck, prepare ever…
    in Bounty Comment by iamr00t October 2018
  • The rce of this machine is so frustrating... we're 3-4 people at this moment uploading the same file to the same path with different code >.<
    in Bounty Comment by iamr00t October 2018
  • Just rooted this little beauty. I've learned many things. Thank you to the creator of the machine! PM me if you get stucked. Only specific questions.
    in SecNotes Comment by iamr00t October 2018

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