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  • Just rooted it, Thanks for the great machine .
    in Book Comment by iYassr June 15
  • Rooted, Waiting for this box to retire so I can read all walkthroughs, I need to understand how to enum for the root part using native tools only.
    in Sauna Comment by iYassr May 27
  • Rooted finally, Nice box! Initial foothold: 1- "bypass login page" 2- trick the system User: enumerate files, try to login and export data Root: Interesting file, how can you execute the commands in another context?
    in Magic Comment by iYassr May 24
  • Type your comment> @kwl6b776c said: (Quote) Can you elaborate more on the powerview part, when did help you?
    in Cascade Comment by iYassr May 17
  • Rooted, I've Done, I'VE DONE IT!!! for god sake @VbScrub !! why did you make me suffer for while haha Thanks for this box, I learned a bit of patience and some reverse powershell :D First user is hardest because of the uncertainty and the confusi…
    in Cascade Comment by iYassr May 17
  • holy freak! Finally I got root, couple of tips: User: mmm easier than I thought, but then you need to do some enumeration to be able to login Root: Once you google what you think, most likely you'll know that it what you need but for, it was frust…
    in Monteverde Comment by iYassr May 16

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