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  • This is an incredible box, with a believable, modern devops setup and interesting exploitable mistakes.
  • Nice challenges @willwam845 Hint for second part: Chinese theories may help you.
  • Downvotes may be due to the fact that HTB flag submissions are case sensitive. There's several different formats the flag could be, and that's a bit annoying.
  • (Quote) If anyone ought to be slapped across the face it is you and your stupid comment. All the formats used in this challenge are standard and made sense, except perhaps the encrypted flag could also have been encoded in base64 or hex. But that's …
  • Nice challenge! Finally a real cryptography challenge on HackTheBox, similar to CryptoHack.
  • As a Linux user that was a great but sometimes painful education in Windows technologies :smiley:
  • Here's a recent writeup with some good tips and also talks about modernisation of the exam machines: https://laurencetennant.com/oscp
  • It's a cool challenge, but still not "crypto"... more just a different numerical notation.
  • (Quote) The thing that you've missed in your argument, is that enumerating properly and knowing what to attack is a huge part of the entire process. It's not something you "just" do. Metasploit makes some things easier but doesn't make the…
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  • Type your comment> @thecowmilk said: (Quote) Wow, so edgy. This challenge has nothing to do with real cybersecurity and a "black hacker" worth his salt would base his security on actual cryptography. I'd rather learn about the ways tha…
  • The challenge playtesters need to learn what "crypto" means. Apart from Optimus Prime, the last 4 crypto challenges released have all been dumb guessing games, and a poor reflection of how fascinating and educational good crypto CTF challe…
  • Type your comment> @bluealder said: (Quote) This is related to buffering, it worked for me to send my input before receiving the prompt.
  • Nice challenge, I didn't really understand why the other menu options are there though. If you are stuck it's definitely worth thinking about the title of the challenge and how it might relate to the cryptosystem being presented!
  • This is a horrible challenge, just guessing each step. It should not be under "Crypto".
  • Great box, very fun so far. Like may others I'm stuck with my exploit working locally but EOF issue when running remotely... nvm, got it. Reading walkthroughs for Redcross were pretty enlightening.
  • The finishing touches on this box were wonderful, finally using a thing discovered a long time earlier. I learned several new concepts, big props to @nol0gz for putting together such a great box.
    in Vault Comment by hyperreality March 2019
  • Lovely box, taught me some things about Windows.
  • I don't understand how the information gained from port XXXX was supposed to be used, even after using it I didn't seem to have extra privileges than an unauthenticated user. If somebody could DM me with the alternative root privesc I'd be happy, g…
  • Just managed to crack this with the help of @chenxiaolong's hint, and reading carefully about the implementation of the relevant cipher. Without that it I could have wasted a lot of time on a minor detail - thank you.

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