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  • sweet challenge!! I learned a lot. Its like a journey with Brain F*ck. Definitely worth atleast 75 points. Thanks @makelaris and @makelarisjr for the challenge.
  • @MrR3boot - Great box!!! Learned few things. For hackers attempting this box , most of the hints are on this forum. I will just summarize for ready reference. Initial foothold - enumerate the site. dirb, dirsearch are good tools to use. Pay at…
    in Book Comment by human June 24
  • Finally got this box today. Thanks to @infosecjack and @chivato . This challenge taught me several new things. All in all, for me, this challenge was hard. * Initial foothold - Intelligent fuzzing/enumeration. Main page does give you hints. …
    in ForwardSlash Comment by human June 11
  • Solved this challenge today Lots of hints already on this discussion. I will reiterate some. * Start by looking for things that normally a web application owners want to hide from you. * To get foothold use FUZZing. There is no alternate. You ma…
    in Admirer Comment by human June 1
  • Type your comment> @sysceen said: (Quote) You can PM me. Like TazWake said it is hard to give you hint w/o it being a spolier. Off channel, may be I can help you think in right direction
    in Magic Comment by human May 29
  • Great machine!! Took me half a day to finish this. Thanks @TRX for this challenge.
    in Magic Comment by human May 29
  • Just got the flag. No need for dirb or cracking password. Just read the source. DM me if you need any help.
    in [WEB] Freelancer Comment by human May 5
  • Interesting challenge. Solved it using 2 different ways. If spoiler than remove it. You can using information_schema to solve this problem and then there is another place to look for. sqlmap didn't help me much . I used union of burp and a loca…
    in [WEB] ezpz Comment by human April 29
  • Finally got this one!!! Lots of headache for sure. But at the same time good learnings.

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