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  • so far ive noticed many things that would be valid findings if this were a bug bounty program, which is really cool. Just not sure yet how to leverage these to actually gain access. I think my main issue is not being very familiar with s****k. I fee…
  • Man, definitely a bit stumped on how to get user. Im enjoying digging deep into the t****t installation and doing some hardcore hunting. Been reading all the docs which ive honestly never really done before, Found some interesting things, just not t…
  • finally rooted after quite a long journey and lots of breaks! Hardest one ive done so far, learned many new things on this one. Awesome box
    in Travel Comment by holsick May 2020
  • Well it took me 2 days to privesc from user1 -> user2 because I overlooked some simple things. Super cool trick to be done though. Each step of this box has beat me up pretty bad lol, but I am so glad I pursued through it. Edit: Rooted. Really h…
    in Quick Comment by holsick May 2020
  • Just got user. This box is thoroughly melting my brain, which is awesome! Amazing box so far. Now to tackle next stage of privesc
    in Quick Comment by holsick May 2020
  • rooted. That was a fun box. My hint would be that there are definitely ways around a certain thing being turned off. Youll have to read to figure out why. From there, it is very straight forward with normal enumeration. Nothing too crazy. Very much…
    in Cache Comment by holsick May 2020
  • Rooted. Not particularly easy. Definitely a new technique learned for root. Need to play around with that some more. All together pretty brutal box in my opinion but worth it in the end
    in Admirer Comment by holsick May 2020
  • Getting user has been a brutal experience for me haha but Im glad I persisted. Actually learned a TON from this first part.
    in Admirer Comment by holsick May 2020
  • Ive found a lot of really useful stuff but cant seem to use any of it. been doing some hardcore fuzzing for a while now with no luck to proceed
    in Admirer Comment by holsick May 2020
  • Finally rooted after a whole week. Overall super awesome box I learned a TON with this one. Really had to work to make it past each step.
    in Book Comment by holsick May 2020
  • mother of pearl that was hard getting user. Learned a ton and onto root!
    in Book Comment by holsick April 2020
  • Rooted! totally over complicated root. take the time to watch what is happening. basic attention to detail.
    in Magic Comment by holsick April 2020
  • Initial foothold wasnt too bad, now kinda stuck on privesc. So far cool box, very enjoyable
    in Magic Comment by holsick April 2020
  • rooted! wasnt too bad today. pretty straight forward attack path overall and good resources online. No need for any restarts or reboots on root
    in ServMon Comment by holsick April 2020
  • Ya, had to call it quits for the day on the way to root since my connection kept dying. Interesting and easy user though. oh well im sure itll be better in a day or two.
    in ServMon Comment by holsick April 2020
  • So far super fun and a really hard challenge for me. Havnt gotten the flags yet but managed to finally get a stable shell. Having fun figuring out how to escalate and feel like my windows knowledge is leveling up. I have creds for the next user but…
    in Control Comment by holsick April 2020
  • rooted, that was such a cool box. getting root really helped me understand how the technique and attack path works
    in Resolute Comment by holsick April 2020
  • finally rooted! ran into some weird issues while working on the last step but definitely learned something new. User was pretty straight forward: just basic enumeration and some digging around Learned the most from getting root. That was a really …
    in Monteverde Comment by holsick March 2020
  • rooted very straight forward the whole way and really fun. Lots of great hints in the forum as well. Learned something new with root and thought it was pretty sweet. Definitely did remind me of a previous box which helped a bit.
    in Traceback Comment by holsick March 2020
  • Just rooted! Thanks @VbScrub for pointing out I had posted my comment over in the nest forum like a dummy. Learned many new tools and techniques with this one though being brand new to AD stuff.
    in Sauna Comment by holsick February 2020
  • Finally rooted!!! I overthought this machine so hardcore. However I learned an incredible amount about windows and active directory in the process. One of my favorites so far. edit: wrong forum lol.
    in Nest Comment by holsick February 2020
  • Holy moly finally got user. I was having technical difficulties for sure. Made it much harder than it should have lol
    in Sauna Comment by holsick February 2020
  • Found a valid user but cant find valid pass to go further. Must be missing something simple?
    in Sauna Comment by holsick February 2020
  • Type your comment> @VbScrub said: (Quote) I am in a very similar situation lol
    in Sauna Comment by holsick February 2020
  • Definitely a fun box! I overthought it during some steps for sure but kept at it and everything was straight forward as soon as I decided I was going to use my brain. Can say I learned a good bit from it which is awesome. Initial Foothold: Its all …
  • still struggling hard core on user. I feel like im so close but just cant grasp it. Might need a couple more hints. ive gotta be staring right at the answer...
  • Type your comment> @n0rdberg said: (Quote) Definitely in the same boat. Brain is mush, however still havnt gotten user.
  • Hi guys, pretty new here and enjoying every minute. Iv'e gotten an initial shell on this box as a*****. Definitely having a hard time escalating to user. I know I am overthinking for sure. tried everything I can think of with the odd files but no lu…

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