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  • Type your comment> @halisha said: (Quote) My bad; that one went over my head :)
  • Type your comment> @halisha said: (Quote) CEH is not the next step after OSCP...CEH is many, many steps before OSCP. CEH is mostly a total waste of time, but it's definitely a total waste of time if you have OSCP -- unless some government job ju…
  • I say go straight into it.
  • Congratulations. I finally got my OSCP this month as well. I would say as far as certifications go, go with whatever one interests you the most. It sounds like you did this for OSCP. You should have ample experience/qualifications to get a securit…
  • OSCP machines are more straight-forward and less CTF-ey. There are lists out there that contain HTB machines which can help you with OSCP. OSCP just takes persistence. You can get everything you need from the course materials and labs to pass the OS…
  • This box is super unstable or something. I've had User for a week or two, so I can reproduce the user shell in 2 minutes quite easily. But I've just now tried it several times, and can't get my shell. I've reset the box twice. Edit: Finally got Ro…
    in RE Comment by heromain November 2019
  • pretty wild privesc...real PITA
    in RE Comment by heromain November 2019
  • Type your comment> @hanter said: (Quote) I'm also having troubles escalating privileges. I've received some help through PM, but I'm still a bit lost on what to do. Win*** doesn't even look like it's installed on the machine if you browse to th…
    in RE Comment by heromain October 2019
  • I am on. This box is a nightmare with people constantly restarting it. Why do people need to restart the box?
    in Netmon Comment by heromain March 2019
  • This was a fun box, but agreed that it's CTF-ey. Thanks to a few of you guys for the hints on user. The initial foothold was different and took me awhile. Root was pretty easy once I took a look at what's going on in the system. My suggestions fo…
  • For your initial shell, enumerate source, think about common encodings. Look at Overthewire Bandit Level 12. To grab root flag, enumerate user directories and understand what is going on. Read man pages. Still yet to get my root shell, but a fun …

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