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  • this is not an easy box, I struggled a lot..but I learned a lot of things, both for root and user
    in Admirer Comment by hangTuah June 2020
  • I feel satisfied solving this challenge and I learned something new too...happy to help anyone who needs help
  • God knows how much time I spent working on this challenge. Nudges and hints from @Dethread really help me a lot to solve this challenge. If anyone need hints, please let me know...it'll save you a lot of time
  • I've learnt a lot especially for the user part! I got stuck on root for a while though but rooted it anyway! Thanks @MrR3boot for the learning experience! :smile:
    in Book Comment by hangTuah April 2020
  • Can anyone please tell me how to solve the second step for this challenge? What we have to look on the binary pattern? I'm stucked on this part for so long already :(
  • Hi, I'm stuck to get the root flag. I saw an exploit using the j****tl in GTFO bin but it seem not to be working for me. Anyone can give me a tip on a right direction?
    in Traverxec Comment by hangTuah March 2020
  • Very cool challenge! Look forward for more challenges like this :)
  • Type your comment> @jaki4594 said: (Quote) EDIT : Nvw, i got it.
    in Mango Comment by hangTuah March 2020
  • Hi guys, I'm stuck on the UnderConstruction page. After this point, I tried to use "Blindly" the NoSQL exploit from PayloadsAllThings but so far it's not working for me. Could someone help me out here? Point me towards the right direction …
    in Mango Comment by hangTuah March 2020

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